Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 games at 1000 pts

First game was against Imperial Guard.  Had a bad deep strike with a unit of Terminators (that's 270 points out of a 1000) that ended up on the ass-end of the board (battle was happening mostly my right side, they were re-directed to the back left corner.  2 Turns of moving and running later, I got one shot off at a Chimera.  Loss for me.

Game two was against some marines.  There was a "clarification error" about the mission (I happened to be playing the guy who wrote the mission), so the unit holding the football, came in from outflank and then went off the board to get the primary objective.  Other than that, it was a slug-fest (no pictures of that one, sorry).

I think I'm done with my 1000 pointers, on to the 1250.. hmmmm, what to add, what to add..

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Game 3

2-2 tie vs a necro team. Casualties were 5-4 in his favor. My turn 8 o the second half I had a halfling in the end zone with the ball a his feet. No one around, 1 reroll left. Moved to pick up the ball, rolled a "1", re-rolled.... Rolled another "1".

During game 2

3-1 pasting of the Skaven (yes, I said *of*, not *by*). Casualties were 5-4 in my favor.

I probably should get around to painting these guys - it's only been like 6 years...

Setup, game 1

Halflings vs. Dwarfs. 1-0 win for the 'flings. Casualties were only 4-1 in the Dwarf favor. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Two days in, three games down...

Here's the end of game from Game 2.  We're playing an escalation league down at the store - starting at 750 points, upping it by 250pts each fortnight.  At 750, I've got two squads of 5 terminators, and Mordrak.  Game 1 was against Dave's grot army (Warboss, Mek with KFF, 2 units of 10 grots, and 2 battlewagons with Killkannon, Deff Rolla, and some other extra grubins).  Annihilation, Spearhead.  It was a fast game.  He earned 0 KP's...  I earned 6.

Game 2 (picture above), was against Eldar.  Yriel, 2 Avenger squads in wave serpents, and 2 Fire Prisms.  Mission was Annihilation, setup was Dawn of War.  He went first and chose to bring everything on the first turn.  I chose to deep strike everything.  So, turn 1 he zoomed on 24" and spread out the tanks.  Turn 1, I deep struck Mordrak.  Turn two he fired with all 4 tanks at Mordrak, putting 1 wound on him - free Ghost Knight for me, and one unit arrived via deep strike.  That free Ghost Knight put me 11.5" away from one of his wave serpents.  MC Thunderhammer knocks the weapons off and stuns the serpent.   Yriel got out of the second 'serpent, tanks shot, a normal terminator died, and Mordrak was wounded again (ya!  another Ghost Knight - and yes, before you ask, I was rolling for those).  Yriel charged Mordrak's squad, killed the two Ghost Knight before Mordrak put at MC Thunderhammer through his poncey pointy-eared skull.  :)  Turn 3, he was able to kill another terminator and on my turn 3 the last squad came in, and destroyed one of the prisms.  One more wound was put on Mordrak in there (don't remember when though - but, no Ghost Knight came out from that one).  One of the units of Avengers ended up dying in there late game.  Game ended after turn 5.  Kill points were 3 to 0, secondary objectives were all me (kill HQ), and Tertiary was also me (VP's).

Game 3 was against Marines.  From memory he had Captain, Librarian, 2x10 Space Marines (las / plas & las / melta), both in drop pods (characters split between the two), and a unit of sniper scouts.  Annihilation, and Pitched Battle (for the record, I only rolled for one of the missions for these games - the first.  My opponent rolled for the other two...).    Game went longer than any of the other games - 7 full turns.  At the end of the game, I had 2 terminators from one squad and 1 from the other squad.  He had a wounded captain, 2 marines, and a drop pod. 

Lessons learned from today's games.  I like Mordrak -he's fun.  I *really* need to remember Grand Strategy.  I could have really used the re-roll "to wound" on all my games...  Onto 1000 points, looks like it's time to add a Dreadknight.