Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ghetto painting setup

So, I'm spending the weekend at my in-laws... but I have things I have to finish.  Enter, the ghetto painting table.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

40k Tournament - 3 Games in

Got to play in a 2000 point tournament this weekend.  The missions were modified/created/bamboozled/whatever for a tournament in Alabama that one of the local guys go to every year.  This one was the short table edge deployment, objective in the center (yeah, in that building), dead units get you reinforcements only until you get a unit off the opponents table edge.  Only a character could get the magic sword in the middle - at which point, night would fall.

Lytro camera pictures from the day are here:

My army was the only thing I could find from the move - my undead Eldar.  In 13 years and 4 codecies, the list hasn't all that much.  Avatar (now with "Fast Shot"), 2x spiritseers, 2x10 wraithguard, 1x5 wraithguard in a waveserpent, 3 war-walkers with scatter lasers, 5 dark reapers (now with Starshot) in a waveserpent, and a battery of 2 d-cannons.  The real difference between the list from the 4th ed codex and this one is the spiritseers and toys.  Instead of being warlocks upgraded to spiritseers as part of the units of wraithguard, they're IC's.

Anyway, game 1 (pictured above) was vs. a SpaceWolf / Tau alliance.  I won, but not by much.  I used to joke that there were circles of death with this army, and it still holds true.  More so now, I think.

Game 2 was a Dark Angel/Space Marine alliance.  This was a three objective (two immobile, one mobile) with vortex missiles falling from the sky.  Starshot missles are mean...  :)  Win for Eldar, but just a squeaker.

Game 3 was vs Marines / Guard hybrid.  Kill points with corner deployment... oh, and a tornado running through the field.  This one reminded me that new Spiritseer powers aren't nearly as solid as the old warlock/spiritseer powers (I failed a *lot* of "Conceal" rolls).  Ended in a low point tie.

So, at the end of the day, I did go 2 wins and 1 tie - but not enough points to do anything other than have fun.  Prizes were a drawing for $10 cards and I picked up a tray of sabol foam for the dark reapers.