Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OT: Lesson Learned

Did you know that apple ear-bud headphones will survive a trip through the washing machine and the dryer... and still function?

Yeah, neither did I.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Got some games in yesterday.

Got a 2000 point and a 1500 point game in yesterday at the FnsLGS.  2000 points of "logan-wing" against an infantry heavy guard (squats!) list.  A full half of the units at one point ran.  WTF?  :)   Two objective, 12" deployment.  The game went to 7 turns and ended with me snatching a tie back at the very end of the 7th turn.

I then got a 1500 point game against an actual Deathwing.  I died.  Horribly.  Something to do with rolling too many 1's.

All and all, it was a fun list to play.  It's defiantly more of a "cool idea" list vs. a "beat your face in" - but I'm ok with that... I actually planned that.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fall from grace...

Right.  So the week after Kubla was spent recovering (and dealing with the munchkins recovering).  Sunday, I got the option to head out to Tri-Cities to play, but since they were doing a Fantasy tournament (practicing for OFCC Fantasy) I decided not to go.  Cora and I got up and went to breakfast (a plan we usually do on Saturday), giving Darby and Lili some time to get going.  After breakfast we went to the park (till the rain started) and then came home and cleaned the house.  Darby powered through the upstairs, Cora and I powered through the downstairs. 

After dinner and bedtime routine, I sat down to build and organize the "Logan Wing" Chaos terminators.  I finished building the third squad, marked the bases for all the built ones, and figured out the legs for the last two squads. 

At this rate, this army should be built by the end of the week.