Thursday, April 28, 2011

He's got *ball*(s)..

One Goblin Fanatic down...

Genestealer and Marine to go.

(Yeah, more BBCS stuff)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Last night, I did something that I haven't done since the late 90's...

Painted a Bretonnian. Where did you go with that? 

It's a model for the BBCS. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

This bomb (squig)'s for you....

Right.  So.  Bombsquigs in Bloodbowl you ask.  Here's the deal. 

For the Bloodbowl Champtionship Series tournament for Kublacon we've got a few new pitches.  Bretonnian Bowl, Hashut Bowl, Astartes Bowl, and Da Big Bowl.  There's some updates to some of the older Bowls, both for the rules and the graphics for the pitches.  I won't go into the first ones on that list quite yet, but... lemme give you a hint at the mad genius that is Corey when he's had his daily dose of coffee:

"Instead of using a ball, Da Big Bowl is played with one (or more) squigs. Players can only hold one squig at a time. A squig treated as a ball for all skills & rules, with the following exceptions:..."
Now, most of the time the squigs will be "regular" squigs... but one of the kick off tables will alter the type of squig - gnasher, kangaroo, or bomb. 

Bombsquigs were first because I had them.  I'm working on finding the other squigs now.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round up - questions, and oddities.

So, as I was sitting there last night, painting some bomb squigs for Blood Bowl (yes, you read that right... I'll get to it in a minute.... and yes, I was painting) I was thinking to myself.  What do I need to bring the orks to 2500 - in case I want to ever take them to a 'Ard Boyz style tournament.

I was thinking - the stream of thoughts went something like this:

hey, I like these models...
what if I added some Tankbusta's...
hmmm, I'd need to get them a battlewagon as well

What about lootas...?
no, they'd need a battlewagon too.

no, too slow.

also too slow.

So, when I finished the color I was working on (I'll put some pictures up tonight).  I moved from the painting table to the computer desk and picked up the Ork Codex to flip through... seeing if anything catches my attention.  Nothing really going here.  Nothing I can see that fits with the theme... unless I do the nobz/meganobz in a trukk...  So, that leads me to my question - What should I add to my Ork army that fits within the current theme:  Wazdakka, Shokk Attack Mek, unit of biker nobz, 4 units of biker boyz, 1 unit of 'ard boyz in a trukk, 2 units of 3 deff koptas, and a unit storm boyz.  Should I just increase the unit sizes?

So, bomb squigs.  For Blood Bowl.  Yeah.

What, you wanted more?  Tough.  I'll do some fill in when I post the pictures - happy?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Second Verse... same as the first...

Played another game against Clayton this afternoon - you may remember Clayton from the previous game (scroll down)...  only this time we played at 2000 points.  For me, that meant some biker nobs, and an increase in biker boyz and deff koptas.  For Clayton that meant some giggering of squads, an extra terminator, etc.

We were playing one of the Adepticon primer missions - objectives were kill points, 5 markers, and kill HQ.  12" deployment zones - he was player 1 and I so failed to steal the initiative.

From there it was a knock-down, drag-out fight.  Here's a (bad) picture i took in the middle of the game.

At the end of turn 7, I had 1 wounded nob from one squad, 4 bikers and a wounded nob from another, 1 ork boy from another squad, 2 of the rokkit deff koptas, and a wounded Painboy.  He had an obliterator (one of the nine), a plague marine, and a land raider.  No one had any objectives (my biker boyz were still in combat too far away to claim), both HQ's were dead (his in combat, wazdakka in combat, and the mek from a malfunctioning shokk attack gun - again with the "boom!").