Friday, May 29, 2009

Kubla final thoughts... and a post mortum.

I'll point you to my friends blog Itinerant Geekdom for a blow by blow of his gaming weekend. He's a much better scribe of the day to day. I'll just say I had 12 (using his methodology of counting) *good* games. We're already planning on what to do for next year.

I may have gotten the wife interested in playing CardHa...errr, Battlefront :) - we'll see how that goes, maybe I can get a game or two in at a time other than Kubla.

Next years plans include a new pitch or two for BBCS, some tweaking on 40k for Pink Slips, Cardhammer, and then some funky 40k type thing. The babysitter option we had this year worked well (thanks sis!) and will probably take some minor tweaks for next year.

This week is down time, I did some building of a Necromunda gang... but really, not a lot of gaming related - just catching up on my sleep. :) I'm starting my new IG army next week/month and will have pictures and posts on it. The plan is to BBP this army (Buy, Build, and Paint) so I don't get overwhelmed with the paint job.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kubla, part 2

Remember how I said to expect random posts? Yeah, that would involve me actually taking pictures and stuff...

Anywho - quick rundown of events.

Friday night we did the Blood Bowl Championship series - "slightly" altered rules for each of the 12 pitches.

3 Hours of Sleep...

Saturday was a Rezolution - fun silly game, look it up if skirmish games interest you.

Saturday night was 40k For Pink Slips - Drop pod and Tau battlesuits got beat by Eldar Warwalkers and Firedragons in Wave Serpent. But had fun. Played a quick game of BattleFront while waiting for Round 3 to finish then played a few small games with friends using the slightly modified Pink Slips rules.

It's now just past 2am (couldn't sleep)... I'll post tomorow's stuff... ummm... tomorow. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Off to KublaCon...

We're headed out today to spend some time in Portland with my family before heading down to San Fransisco for KublaCon. I've done some magic to be able to post things (and sometimes even pictures) of the happenings of KublaCon.

Enjoy the random and sporadic posts over the Memorial Day Weekend!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Furioso again.

Done. Purity seal'd, based and flocked.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Reinforcements en route!"

Furioso! ... of Doom.

Plastic dreadnought kit, forgeworld close combat arms... slightly modified. The heavy flamer under the left claw is the standard plastic one, the meltagun under the right is the plastic stormbolter, shaved with the Reaver titan Inferno Gun "barrel" and a plastic MM canister from the speeders.

The paint job was done by "the wife" (that one's for you, Mom! :) ) in about 3 hours over two nights. I'm going to base and seal this bad boy this evening while she finishes the drop pod for it.

This, along with the "bigger-ized Marine," (and some termiantors I already have done) are for the "40k for Pink Slips" event I'm running at Kublacon over Memorial Day Weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gamers lost in the hinterland...

So, my wife kidnapped me this last weekend. We went from South Eastern Washington to Central Western Oregon. It's about a six and a half / seven hours (depending on who's driving and who's sleeping...)

Here's the krux of the post though - if you wander off the beaten path is search of a gaming store... they ain't there. I searched for a while using my iPhone for a game store / comic book shop... something that might carry GW stuff. Nothing. Nada. GW's webpage has the nearest place in Corvallis - which is about an hour or so over a mountain pass...

When we got back into Portland while driving home, we could have stopped at quite a few stores... but here's the question - do you stop at other games stores while you're traveling?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Reinforcements have arrived!"

Hot D@mn that was fast! I (re) ordered my last two deff koptas from ebay on Thursday. They showed up on Saturday. That means my Orks are now at 2000 points. I think I may have solved the storage issues - more on that as it comes about. Once I get these last two deff kopta's built they get shipped off to the paint factory (I know, I know, I know). I'll get pictures of the completly built army before they go off.

Which brings me to my next project. I've been shamed/badgered/taunted into actually created, painting, and more importantly *finishing* a guard army. Current plan is a Chaos-y tainted guard.

Psyker Lord
Priest (his trusty sidekick)
9 Ratlings
9 Ogyrns
Psyker Battle squad (8+Overseer)
-Command: Autocannon and 2 GL
-Squad with Flamer
-Squad with Flamer
-Special weapons (2 melta and 1 demo)
-Special weapons (2 melta and 1 demo)
4x10 Penal Legion
9 Rough Riders
Bane Wolf