Wednesday, February 24, 2010

End of two weeks... what have I done?

Well, let's see.  I've got most of the Platoon buillt.  I'm waiting to find some more meltaguns.  Ogryn's are built, but not primed... and Ratlings haven't had a lick of paint applied to them. 

But - I did get a custom Dwarf team finished up to go on eBay (probably tomorrow), as well as a High Elf team for a commission.  I also got a ghetto light box built for pictures. 

First up, an Ogryn:

Next, the coach for the Dwarf BB Team.

For the next two week period - I need to finish the things I said I was supposed to get done, done.  As well as building the Priest and the Psyker Battle Squad and getting them primed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BloodBowl Tournament results...

Right.  Updates.  First up the BloodBowl tournament.  Now, basically - this was just a 3 game campaign day. 

Game #1 was against a slightly higher team value Amazon team.  Lot's of completions, 2 touchdowns, and some bashings (those Blodging Amazon's hurt) later.  I walk away with a 2-1 victory.  Highlights include him learning that AG4 + Dump Off is mean, and that I can intercept on a 5+.  Picture:


Game #2 was against my Ogre nemesis.  *Lot's* of casualties (snots - they don't really count), I did get a casualty via the Assassin's "Stab" against the Ogre (no long term damage, but it did make it so he only had 5 Ogre's for the game).  2-2 tie - I got cocky and didn't leave a defensive position, so when he tossed the snotlign down, deviated well, and then ran down to the near the end zone, I couldn't get someone there fast enough to stop him.  The other Ogre TD was a straight one turn 'dice-god approved' move.

Game #3 was against the #1 seed for the league.  I went in 90k down in TV.  I kicked, got a Blitz, and caught the ball with enough guys down field that I was able to score on my turn 1.  It went down hill from there for him.  I was just running circles around him and I got in his head with the combo of "Leap", "Jump Up", "Dump Off", and AG4 (or better).  At one point, he choose not to blitz the ball carrier because he was just sure that I would dump off the ball to the guy 3 squares forward who was in the end zone.

By the middle of the second half, I was up 3-0 - but only had 5 players on the pitch.  He was able get a TD in, but that gave me the chance to bring 4 more KO'd players back in... which brought a Witch back in.  He kicked too wide and I got a touch back, gave the ball to the Witch who Leaped out of a tackle zone, blitzed the back line defense - got a push then and knocked down.  From there, he wasn't able to get someone close enough to do anything other than put a tacklezone on me.  Leap out and TD.  It was a brutal game.  He put 6 players into the "Dead & Injured" box - luckily, the worst result (thank you Apothecary) was a "Miss Next Game."


All and all, it was a fun day.  :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly update.

I don't know if anyone noticed the widget on the top right there.  Shows what I need to get done in that span.  So.  I've gotten most of the platoon built.  I need to finish up last special weapons squad and they're good to go. 


 I'm in the point now where I'm searching for extra melta guns.  Seems like it's going to be a full time job here for a few trying to find melta's.  Even most of the ebay/web bitz store's are out of the Cadian Command Squad melta bit.  Sigh.  I will prevail.  :)

The Ogryns were a reasonably easy build.  Apologies for the blurry picture, I didn't have enough light to make the cell phone camera happy enough last night.

That was the first one I did up yesterday - the rest of them look a little bit better.  I think I want to fix the boots with some greenstuff - but I'm kinda digging the bare-chested Ogryn.  I've had to call in favors to get more shootas though. 

Should be able to finish the Ogryns tonite (except for the missing shootas) and get the last of the bodies to bases for the Infantry Platoon.  That just leaves the final bit of paint on the Ratlings and priming the Ogryns to have my goal completed.  More pictures on Friday, as well as BloodBowl results on Saturday (tournament).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

3 Games of Fun!

(and no exploding firearms this weekend).  :)

Right, so a little bit of modern art.  This first piece I like to call "Crowd plus Bonehead."


Kick-off for the start of the second half.  I had +2 FAME.  Rolled a 12 on the kick-off table.  None of my guys hit the dirt, 3 of his ogres and 2 of his snots are admiring the grass - up close and personal like.  He goes to move, and boneheads the remaining two Ogres on the line. The 6th (and standing) Ogre is able to pick up the ball in the back field.  On my turn all of my guys (except the one I wanted to keep in the backfield) walked through his line without having to dodge.

The turn after this picture was taken, those two standing Ogre's had managed to catch up with my stragglers, but I managed to put an Elf in each of the (now Boneheaded) Ogre in the backfield (you know, holding the ball).  He then attempted to blitz out (on a single die block), rolled a both down against a Lineman with Block.  Ball pops out, falls in the hands of one of the Witch Elves, who then saunters in for a TD.

That was my last game of the day.  The first was against an Undead team (went 1-1... neither of us could roll worth a crap).  And I got a game of 40k in - my Undead Eldar v. a mech Plague Marine list.  Out of a 5 Objective mission (1500 points), I had control of 1, and two were contested.  The other ones were hanging out in the wind.

Goals for the next fortnight, before the Bloodbowl tournament on the 20th.  Finish painting the Ratlings.  Built and prime the unit of Ogryns, and build the Infantry Platoon.  Pictures to follow.  If you talk to me online, bug me about it once or twice.