Monday, August 19, 2013

Comic Battle Reports

Game 1:
Game 2:
Game 3:
Game 4:

Game 5:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

After Day 2 at OFCC

Two great games today. Game 4 was vs. a beautiful Vestroyan/Coteaz henchmen list. I ended up tabling him, highflying of the game was at the end - my two vendettas hovered to turn and open up on Coteaz. Six las cannons and six heavy bolter shots later.... I tabled him.

Game 5 was a speed round of Grey Knights (45 min). Ended up being tabled, but Crowe attempted to take out the dread librarian, failed, died, and the perils' on the "I take you with me" power".... this was after the dread exploded the Bastion, doing 15 wounds to the guys inside, killing them all, and making the assassin jump off the top and take a wound. It was an awesome game.

So, end of the tourney, I went 3-2 with my Descent of Orks with Orkpocalypese Now!

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OFCC - Game 5

Vs Gonzo playing Grey Knights

OFCC - Game 4

Vs Brad playing Guard and Grey Knights

Saturday, August 10, 2013

After day 1 of OFCC

I'm at two wins and 1 loss. The loss would have been a win had the game ended one turn earlier.

Game 1 was against Tau. Win. At the end of turn 6, I had Astorath, 1 DC, and both Vendettas. He had 3 drones. No one had anything to claim any of the three objectives - but I did have all the secondary and the bonus from killing the Ethereal.

Game 2 was against a SM/BA mix. Straight kill points. He had about twice as many KPs to start with as I did. Had it ended on turn 5 I would have tied on KP and won with line breaker and first blood. However, it went to turn 6 and I was wiped out. Contemptor Dread's setup for AA... Hurt.

Game 3 was against Guard with Daemons. It was Scouring. I had 5 points, first blood, and line breaker - he.... didn't. :)

I had my librarian furioso tar-pit into 50 guardsmen for 4 turns... It wasn't till his Greater Daemon got there - made his Inv saves to avoid the force weapon - and smash into the dread till those 5 guardsmen got out.

Good day.

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OFCC - Game 3:

Vs Evil Bryan, IG and Deamons

OFCC - Game 2:

Vs Otto playing Blood Angels

OFCC - Game 1:

Vs. Steve playing Tau

Thursday, August 8, 2013

...and done!

Got the grass on the last of the guys last night (sorry, no pics - the phone was in the other room).

Packed up the army, the dice, the tape measure, the templates, and books and set them by the door last night.  I've got my comic book army list printed and stapled this morning.

I think I'm good to go.

Here's a few pages of the comic:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family Photo...

Done! (now, it's just to the basing)



Imperial Ork Allies.

Heavy Bolter team.

Plasma Guns

Misc Vet's


Tonight, I'm planning on setting everything out and start to work on the basing of the whole Descent of Orks list.  I'm borrowing the two Vendetta's from a friend for the tournament next week - with work and us moving there was no way in 9 levels of Hel that they were going to be painted (or even built for that matter).