Saturday, August 10, 2013

After day 1 of OFCC

I'm at two wins and 1 loss. The loss would have been a win had the game ended one turn earlier.

Game 1 was against Tau. Win. At the end of turn 6, I had Astorath, 1 DC, and both Vendettas. He had 3 drones. No one had anything to claim any of the three objectives - but I did have all the secondary and the bonus from killing the Ethereal.

Game 2 was against a SM/BA mix. Straight kill points. He had about twice as many KPs to start with as I did. Had it ended on turn 5 I would have tied on KP and won with line breaker and first blood. However, it went to turn 6 and I was wiped out. Contemptor Dread's setup for AA... Hurt.

Game 3 was against Guard with Daemons. It was Scouring. I had 5 points, first blood, and line breaker - he.... didn't. :)

I had my librarian furioso tar-pit into 50 guardsmen for 4 turns... It wasn't till his Greater Daemon got there - made his Inv saves to avoid the force weapon - and smash into the dread till those 5 guardsmen got out.

Good day.

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