Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last two games of 2012

Got two more games of BloodBowl in today.

First up - Vs. My old Nurgle team (literally, he bought it from me after the last season).

It was a bit odd playing against my own paint job.  This one was a grinder.  It was a 0-1 loss for me, Casualties were 3-0 in my favor though.

Second game of the day was vs. a new player's Orc team.

He's using the Puppet's War Orc heads (they look gooooooood).  When his team is painted, it will look nice.  This one was a... what's the phrase... ass beating.  Yeah.  I put 2 guys in the Dead and Injured Box, 4 in the Knock Out, won 3-0, received 2 casualties (no long term effects) and walked away with 80k in winnings.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Waaagh! for the Cure (Charity Tournament)

So, Saturday morning I got my ass out of bed at about 4:15am, to leave the house by 5am to get to Tri-Cities in time to meet my ride to Spokane by 6:30, to make it to Spokane before 10am to play a tournament.  Baring the snow for part of the drive up and back - it was well worth it (cause I had a blast!).

First up - the venue.  Gamer's Haven in Spokane Valley, Wa.  It's just off the freeway, in a little strip mall.  Four stores down is a Subway, and in the parking lot is both a 7-11 and a Casino.  :)

The bottom picture is the miniatures gaming space.  It had 13 4x6 tables setup (some were had 2' storage space on the side), but could easily have put another 10 tables in.  The room is decorated as if it were an Imperial Ship / Spacehulk (including some tyranids coming through the walls) - for more pictures and store details, visit their webpage at

Anyway, on to the show.

Game 1 was against a hastily built Space Wolf list.

I say hastily built because him and another guy had come up from Moscow, Id to play and they had to kinda build both lists on the fly using just his stuff.  It was 5x5 Grey Hunters in Assault Cannon razorbacks, 2x6 missile longfangs, 1x6 heavy bolter long fangs (and yes, both of those are 5 heavy weapons and the pack leader), led by a Rune Priest with Divination and something else... (not important, he only got one power off... ).

So, if you're looking at the picture, you'll notice 2 of the Long Fang packs, 25 Grey Hunters, 5 Razorbacks, and a Rune Priest... The Rune Priest got "Misfortune" off against the Death Company.  All of that flank on the board shot at the Death Company.  Everything but one power fist wielding DC died that round.  The DC, was then shot in over watch before he charged in.  My left flank folded like a dollar store chair.  The right flank was successfully contained by the rampaging Librarian Furioso until turn 4.

Descent of Orks: 0-1.

Got some lunch (did I mention Subway was 4 stores down the strip mall?).  Headed back in for Round 2.

Hammer and Anvil DZ, Kill Points for victory.  His army was a Huron-led Word Bearers (Huron, 1x3 termiantor in a land raider, 2x10 chaos marines, 2x5 havocs, 1x15 cultists hiding behind an Aegis with a quad gun, with a Hell Drake coming in behind).

Death Company went straight for the Land Raider, Assault Marines split around the center piece, Predator went left, Librarian went right.  It was a beautiful pincher move that ended with him wiped out and me having 1 Death Company, 1 Assault Marine Sgt from one squad, 1 Assault Marine from another squad, Predator with 1 hull point left, libby dread and the drop pod.

Descent of Orks: 1-1

Game 3 was against a Typhus +6 terminators, 2x7 plague marines with plasma, a forgefiend, and necron allies of a doom scythe, 5 warriors, and a cheap overlord.

There was, I think a little bit of 5th ed wound allocation memory going on in his head, but my big issue was not sending the dreadnought after Typhus.  He's only S6 - Librarian Dread is armour 13 on the front...  didn't think of that till after I got home.

Descent of Orks: 1-2.

So, waiting around for the results, of the 14 players, I think there were only 2 or 3 other people with fully painted armies (one of which being the guy who went with me from Tri-Cities).   Ended up walking away with "Best Appearance / Players Choice".  Charity event so the prizes were... odd.  My winning was a poster of the new GW paint set, 6 opened (but reasonably unused) GW paint pots, and a King Sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Text conversation with my painting slave on the way back home went like this:

Me:Hey - just wanted to let you know that you won best apprearance
Him: Sweet.  Did I get a cool prize?
Me: (winnings - see above)
Him: Haha - sadly one of the better prizes I have won lately.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

BloodBowl - Winter Season, Day 1

So, as I walked into the gaming store this morning, the league commissioner informed that there was "a target on my back."  It seems several people wanted to get their games in with be "before I got a chance to level up my team."  'Cause, you know, playing Khemri is just a power build...  :)

I offered to roll up with him first round, so that everyone else would get grumpy that they didn't get to "beat on me first."  Unfortunately, he had grabbed the wrong BB case that morning, and had to run back home to get it.  Knowing that it might take him a good half hour - I choose to challenge the person I saw next.

This picture is from the setup of the pasting I gave the Dark Elf team on Game 1.  One would assume, that he saw how well I did with my DE and decided it was easy.  Now, to be fair, the first die roll of the game for him was a "one", followed by a burned re-roll and another "one"... and it went down hill from there.

I was able to shut him out 3-0 (yes, with a Khemri team), only put one guy of his out for the next game, and walked away with 60k in winnings (no advancements).

Game 2 was against a 6 saurus/6 skink Lizardman team.  This one I had to work a little more to keep in the win column.  It was still a 2-0 win - but I had lots of guys in my "Knocked Out" part of the dugout.  I just couldn't get my hands on the Skinks... even throwning 3 die blocks, I was getting effectively 3 pushes.  He would get saurus' on me, get me down and then bring a skink over to curb stomp me.  Let's just say the ref was busy with the red cards for both teams though (I think I had 4 skeletons kicked out).  Ended up winning 60k and Fan Factor went up again.  I used the winnings to buy the last Tomb Guardian and banked the 30k.

After a quick lunch I dragged the Human player back in for one more game of the day.  This one went better for me - which, sounds kind of conceited as I did win the other two with no real downside...

This game ended at a 2-1, he only had 1 player who was going to miss the next game (3 that were out through injuries).  I only picked up 20k in winnings (even after the re-roll for winning), FAME did go up and I picked up a Skeleton leaving 10k in the bank.

So, after 3 games - I've got 4 Tomb Guardians (one with Mighty Blow), 2 Blitz-Ras, 2 Throw-Ras (one with Leader and one with Kick-Off Return) and 7 Skeletons (two have been MVP, so this close to leveling).  Team Value is 1,220,000gp.  I think after next game I'm going to pick up 1 Coach and 1 Cheerleader - I had a lot of Cheering Fans / Brilliant Coaching today - I didn't have the FAME for any of my games.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tournament Day thoughts (and pictures) - long....

Getting past my last week and actually getting to the tournament... was some work.

Anyway, picture of the army is in the post below - that was shot about 20 minutes before game 1.

Game 1 was a slightly modified "The Scouring" using "Hammer and Anvil" (the modification was everyone had  3 objectives, worth 3, 2, and 2 points).  I played against a Space Wolf player (slightly top-heavy, but it was what he had painted - it was Njal, Canus, a Wolf Lord on thunderwolf, 3 thunderwolf cav, 2 units of Grey Hunters - one on foot and one in a drop pod).

To say my dice were on fire, would be an understatement.  I was consistently making my Feel No Pain rolls.  I Denied the Witch against Njal 3 times in a row.....  oh, and I actually got a Warlord Trait that was beneficial.   I rolled "Conqueror of Cities" (Move Through Cover in ruins)... and we were playing on a board full of ruins.  His dice were less so.  Njal took his first wound while casting a spell (the second one I Denied), and his second wound was to a Hammer of Wrath hit.

Here's some pictures from that game.

I sent these pictures to a friend, who wanted to then see a close-up of the drop pod.  So, here they are.

The idea is that the Orks *think* they're Blood Angels, so - they found a... previously loved... drop pod (with low miles) and use it for the Proffet of Aporkalypse (Furioso Librarian).

Game 2 was vs. a mixed Vostroyan (Iron Hand Strakken and command HQ, Platoon Command and three 10-man guard squads with a commissar, demolisher, leman russ MBT, and a Penal Legion squad) allied with Blood Angels (Mephiston and a 10 man tactical squad).  The game turned when I stole the initiative from him.  Game was "Purge the Alien" on a "Dawn of War" setup.  I swept left and then rolled up his line.  At the end of Turn 6, he had Mephiston with one wound left.  Astorath's warlord trait was "Immovable Object" - so, a useless trait...  still a second win for me.

Game 3 was vs. a Necron Air Force list.  My warlord trait was "Dust of a Thousand Worlds" (warlord plus units with 12" get "Move Through Cover").  The game was "Big Guns Never Tire" playing on a "Vanguard Strike" setup.   His list was Imotekh, 8 Immortals, 4 units of 7 warriros in Night Scythes, and 2 Doom Scythes.  Drop pod landed first turn and my guys moved forward - putting pressure on Imotekh and the Immortals.

Second turn, my Libriarian charged into the squad.  I killed 3 Immortals (Imotekh refused the challenge), he passed his leadership test by 1... which meant the game would go on.  All but one of the Doom Scythes came in on the first turn... There was some shooting, some fighting, some crashing and burning of croissants, jump pack guys bouncing around, warriors teleporting in, shooting and then dying...

End of the game, I had one objective, contested 2, had wiped out both of his heavy support choices, killed Imotehk, and was sitting in his deployment zone.  Here's a picture mid game and then my dread doing a dance on the dead pile of Immortals.

End of the day, I was the only one of 10 players to be 3-0, but was second in battle points.  They guy who was highest in battle points was the players choice/best painted, and then they did a drawing for 4 more prizes (so, 6 of the 10 people walked away with winnings...).

All and all, a good way to spend the day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Random pictures from this weekend...

Got two games in this weekend with my Descent of Orks list.

Game 1 on Sunday - Vs. Dave's Dante led Sanguinary Guard army.  We played The Relic.  The game ended on Turn 6 with his Storm Raven chasing and killing my assault squad with a Sang. Priest and Astorath joined to it.

Turn 1 of Game 2.  IG with SW allies.  This was a Purge the Alien.  It ended with one of his Vendettas (of the two he had) running away from a full assault squad.  (9 to 5 point win).

I then went home and was able to put close to the final touches on the Khemri team.  Spray sealed (pictured below), and then flocked them.  So, that just leaves the numbering to do and they're done.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Basing 2/3rds done...

Need to do the white bits for numbers, spray seal, and flock.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Khemri - Post-dip pictures

Got them dipped and inside about 3 seconds before the rainstorm started...  :)


They should be dry enough to do some touch-up and base work tomorrow night.  If I needed to, I could work with them tonight, but I'm willing to wait the day.

I'm using water-based stain, mostly for the easy of cleanup and the viscosity - the oil based stuff has to be thinned with mineral spirits or such to be workable - otherwise it's *WAAAY* too thick.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Have I mentioned lately that I love my wife...? No? Well, I do.

This weekend my lovely wife not only did the normal wife/mom stuff - she also painted my new BloodBowl team.  :)

These were usually painted late in the evening, after the kids were asleep.

Here's a little time-lapse set of photos.  One taken after each "painting session".  I was hoping to get them dipped today, but kids and work had other plans for me (that, and I can't seem to find the latex gloves...).

The Tomb Guardians - half done.

Tomb Guardians, done.

Most of the "skeletons" done (along with some of the counters)

All but the Blitz-Ras and Throw-Ras

Halfway through the Blitz-Ras and Throw-Ras.

All setup and ready for the dipping sauce.

I'll get some pictures up after they're dunked (so, probably tomorrow night).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stryke 'em frum da skiez, bruvvahs!

After turn 1.

His army was (from memory) Mephiston, assault chaplain, 1x5 assault marines, 1x5 sangunary guard, 1x5 death company, 1 DC dread, 1 AC predator, and 1 baal predator.  This was his first game of 6th, and my first with this army.  We gave him the run down and I made sure to let him alter things as needed for when the rules were different than what he was "used to"...

It still didn't end well for him.  We played "Dawn of War" and "Purge the Alien" (nice and simple - 12" deployment with kill points).  Some of it was his dice, some was his army...

Battle picture 1:

This is my left flank - one assault squad with the sangunary priest and the libriarian dreadnought.  Fought against both his predators, death company, and chaplain.  To a loss of about 6 assault marines.

Battle picture 2:

Astorath and the Death Company driving up the middle.  These guys took on Mephiston and the Sanguniary Guard.  To a loss of all but 1 DC and Astorath.

Not pictured was the right flank - Assault Marines afflicted with Red Thirst and the Baal Predator.  Did some damage to the Sanguinary Guard before the DC could get to them, and took care of his  Assault Marines.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Descent of Orks - now with pictures

Had a lovely trip last weekend down south.  Picked up some lovely painted models from my friend who will still paint for me.  :)

First up:  The Ark Angel of the Aporkalypse (aka Astorath the Grim)

Next, The Proffet of the Aporkalypse (aka Furioso Librarian in a Drop Pod)

(The drop pod wasn't quite ready - he's going to ship that to me - and I need to get a little touch-up done on this to be a little more "librarian")

Next, a Painboy (Sanguinary Priest with Flamer and Power Weapon - probably will call it a "power sword" - not sure yet)

First unit of Stormboyz, (Assault Marines) - with a close up of the Nob (Sgt) and one of the plasma pistols

There's another unit of these guys, pictures look about the same, so I'll skip them.  :)

Next the Deff Dissuphulls (Death Company) - with 2 close-ups, two of the power klaws (fist) and one with the flamer and power ax.

And finally, the Mini Kill-Blasta (Baal Predator) with dozer blade.

Now, I just need to figure out how to play them..  :P

Friday, September 28, 2012

Khemri - now with more pictures

First up - team photo:

That's 8 "Skeletons", 2 Throw-Ra's, 2 Blitz-Ra's, and 4 Tomb Guardians.

Next is a close up of the Skeletons:

I've added a back plate to the skeleton's to put number on them (since the rest of the team are intended for "Fantasy Football Games" - they've got the plate).  It's a chunk of plastic card that I punched through a hole punch.

Two of the four Tomb Guardians:


Throw-Ra #1 (palming the football):

And last, the Throw-Ra #2 (kicking the ball):

Here's a close-up of the football - the model is a "running/kicking" pose - one leg up - to me, it looked like he was kicking a ball...

I'm hoping to get these guys (and the turn counters) at least primed this weekend.  Not sure - this is the first building/painting I've done in the new place - much less space and no garage to spray in...