Friday, September 28, 2012

Khemri - now with more pictures

First up - team photo:

That's 8 "Skeletons", 2 Throw-Ra's, 2 Blitz-Ra's, and 4 Tomb Guardians.

Next is a close up of the Skeletons:

I've added a back plate to the skeleton's to put number on them (since the rest of the team are intended for "Fantasy Football Games" - they've got the plate).  It's a chunk of plastic card that I punched through a hole punch.

Two of the four Tomb Guardians:


Throw-Ra #1 (palming the football):

And last, the Throw-Ra #2 (kicking the ball):

Here's a close-up of the football - the model is a "running/kicking" pose - one leg up - to me, it looked like he was kicking a ball...

I'm hoping to get these guys (and the turn counters) at least primed this weekend.  Not sure - this is the first building/painting I've done in the new place - much less space and no garage to spray in...


  1. Those are some beautiful figures, I can see why you picked them out from so many different ranges.

  2. You can usually spray outside if you set the models in the shade.