Sunday, September 23, 2012

Movie Marines

Played a quick game with my new Chapterhouse "Tru-Scale" Iron Snakes.

Sarge, Dude, Flamer Marine, Missile Marine, three Space Marines, and a Razorback - with 3 stunt doubles. Wiped Eric's Blood Angels off the board with a loss of the Flamer Marine and the Razorback.


  1. How do the rules port over to 6th? Squad pictures?

  2. They port over to 6th better than they did to 5th. We made a slight alteration making them characters (his Librarian wanted to challenge the SM Dude) - but in retrospect I think only the Sgt. and the Dude should be. We also gave the razorback 3 HP - as it's basically a predator. I'll put pictures up later today.