Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kill Zone / Movie Marines - With Pictures

Click the picture to make it bigger.  Left to right:
  • Dreadnought as Kill Zone Terminator (Assault Cannon, Hard to Kill, Thermal Imaging), The Dude as Movie Marines.
  • Vanguard Veteran Sgt (with Relic Blade in KZ), Space Marine Sergeant in MM
  • Marine with Bolter (in both - in KZ, one of them has a medi-pack) X3
  • Marine with Flamer
  • Marine with Heavy Bolter (with Targeter for KZ, used as a Space Marine with Missile Launcher for MM)

All painted by CMSheats in Florida.  He's quick, communicative, and the updates he sends are all on a forum type setup.


  1. Nice! How did you like the true scale kits?

  2. The only issue with the kit I had was the torso to GW arm. Rounded torso had to be shaved a little to make the arm fit right.