Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"bye bye wookie"

20 games done. Holy hell my head hurts. We squeezed in a bloodbowl
game and a prison hammer game before my flight out. I'm now sitting
in the airport waiting for boarding to start. It's a full flight,
and going to be cozy.

18 games down... 1 (2?) to go...

Right, that's 18 games played since 11pm Friday night. Most of the game has been prisonhammer (Battleground - Fantasy Wargame) , but there's been games of 40k, Bloodbowl, and a game that Corey's working on....

We're planning on one more game of Battleground, and maybe one more game of blood bowl.

I think it might take a week to catch up on my sleep. I don't think I've gotten to bed before midnight since Friday (usually closer to 3am), and I'm usually up before 8.


Apologies for the dark picture...

Corey's 'game room' is a '50s vintage garage with floor lamps.

Anyway, got another beating by the Mordians... this time with less
cheating. :)

Here's about halfway through three. It had gone south for me long
before then.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday night 40k

Corey brought out the Mordians on my request. They've been in the
closet so long the black is a lovely shade of dust.


Sleep is for the weak...

There's something to be said about not having the normal responsibilities for a few days. Being able to stay up till 3am playing games is kinda fun... the downside being my body close to having a "schedule" of "hey! get your ass out of bed" pretty much as soon as the sun comes up.

We're up to 12 games played so far for the trip - our goal is 16. Most of it in prisonhammer. The "official event for the weekend" was the campaignement we did on Saturday. The basic idea being a uprising / revolt in the Kingdom of Hawkshold. You had to have at least 25% "allies" of MoH and that could change from game to game. We started the campaign tree with the stuff needed to do that (for free), and then played a compressed build (basically tripling the amount of gold earned). The "issue" we noticed was that you had the ability to take what you needed to from the MoH so it wasn't a downside. I was playing Orcs and when I needed to take the low model count army - I took Knights. When I needed to take the hard list with some range... I took 2 units of Long Bowmen.

After the campaignament we were talking about it and I came up with the idea that we should have a "you have to take this unit" type of uprising. So we sat down and came up with the rolling chart
  • one unit of Knights,
  • one unit of Long Bowmen,
  • two Militia and one Peasant Mob,
  • one Spearmen and either one Swordsman or one Archer,
  • one unit of Heavy Infantry
We then decided yesterday to try it out. Corey built a Dwarf and Monsters & Mercenaries list. I built an Orc and Lizardmen list. Lizards played Dwarfs, Orcs played M&M, Lizards played M&M, and then Orcs played Dwarfs. Non-playing factions got a bye for the rounds.

End of the revised campaign-a-ment, Dwarfs will with 11 VP, Lizards had 10, M&M got 9, and the Orcs had a pathetic showing at 6VP. But the new system works. And it works better than the 25% rule. :)

Plan for today: Maybe a game or two of 40k... I only need 4 games to hit our 16 game goal...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Battleground tournament down...

Three games of prisonhammer, one "campaignament" win.

Off to food and then more blood bowl.

Pre-gaming gaming...

Got the first part of a dwarf v norse game of bloodbowl in before we
headed out for the cardhammer tournament...

Gamer Weekend... *of* *Dooooooooom*...

So I headed down to my friends place this weekend for a 5-day long gamer fest. :)

We're planning on getting 16 games between Friday night when I arrived and Wednesday afternoon when I leave.

It's now 2:30 am on... well, Saturday morning - we're playing a Battleground Tournament in 8 hours. I've gotten 3 beers, some cheddar bacon fries for Jack-in-the-Box, and 1 game of Blood Bowl in.

15 to go.

It's going to be a fun weekend.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Games in the heat...

I love days when thunderstorms come in. Hot *and* humid. :) Game store's AC's not the best... the only reason it doesn't turn too bad in there - it's a big book store with lots of space to dissipateb the gamer funk.

Anyway, took the bi-weekly pilgrimage west to get some games in this weekend. There was some discussion on the "local" board about a couple of people who were headed out of town next week for a 1999-point Fantasy tournament - they wanted to get a few games in to try some things out. It's a strange point total, a max of 3 heroes, 3 special and 1 rare... but a lot of points available. The odd thing about my current Ogre Kingdom army - it meant combining the leadbelchers from 4 units to 3. That's it. I only had 1 rare (Slave Giant), and I didn't have any lords.

After getting the Empire beat-down - ok, it wasn't a beat-down I did loose, but it was a weird swinging game that saw my right flank disappear (stoopid knights and steam tank), and my left flank sweep through his... swirling masses of brutal combat I tell you. I think I'll do some conversion work to get myself a BSB... could use the Ld boost.

On to the 40k game. A 1500 point Plague Marine list. Sorcerer with some upgrades, 5 units of plague marines, 1 unit of daemons and an obliterator. Playing against an Iron Warriors inspired (DP, Terminator Lord, Terminator Squad, 2x10 CSM, Predator, Land Raider, and Defilier). Had it not been for the two turns of walking across the open killing field it would have been closer. T5 and FNP doesn't help against the onslought of lascannons... :) Good game anyway.

Right. As for the new guard army - I still need to put 2 more colors on the ratlings and then they're done. I'm hoping to get it done this week - at which point I will post pictures. I promise.