Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rebuild of "Smells LIke Team Spirit"

First up, the new Beast of Nurgle.  I'm using a slightly modified Avatars of War "Herald of Pestilence."  First time I've used something from Avatars of War. Overall, I like the model - it has a serious gap issue (you can see that from the greenstuff), and it fits nicely on one of Impact!'s 30mm bases.

Second is the new Rotters.  Using Crypt Ghouls from the GW Vampire Counts line. 

I'm still waiting for the Pestigors and Chaos Warriors (Nurgle Warriors).

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two more games in with Grey Knights.

Game one was vs. 2000 points Dark Eldar.  Lots... and lots... and lots... of poison weapons.  Reserves weren't my friend this game - I came in too piecemeal and.  Let's just say it was a quick 2000 point game.  :)

Off to lunch, and on to Game two.

1750 vs. Eldar.

I set everything up (all 10 terminators and 3 dreadknights) and proceeded to take him apart.  End of the game, I had a 5 man sitting on one objective, a scoring dreadknight sitting on the second objective, and a single terminator that ran off the third objective when the other terminator still living got shot by the avatar's "meltagun".  For him - he had an avatar with one wound left.  Basically, the army did what it was "supposed" to do.

I supposed one of these days I should get the shoulderpads on these terminators... and maybe get them painted.  :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A funny thing happened while at the game store...

So, I lost the semi-finals (see previous post).  Ronnie (Chaos) played Zach (Norse - my opponent) and ended up winning the championships.  The two players of the final each won $50 ISC, and we had drawings for two $25 ISC.  I won one of those (keep that in mind) in the drawing.

After lunch I started playing a game of 40k with a new guy and Ronnie came over and wanted to know what I wanted for my Nurgle team.  He said he was going to use his winnings to get GW's one - but it didn't have all of what he wanted in the team, and then he'd have to paint it (and figure out what to use for his Beast of Nurgle).  So, he wanted to buy my team from me.  I told him to make me an offer I couldn't refuse.  He offered the $50 ISC and $30 in cash (since he wouldn't have to pay one of the other guys to paint the team). 

So, that means.  I walked into the game store today with a BB team that I built from my bitz box and about $8 of bitz from an online bitz store.  Played a game of BloodBowl, a game of 40k and walked out with $30 in cash and $75 (well $74.25) worth of GW credit.  Bought a fantasy box as well as some BB figs - so I can recreate the team using different models - for Kubla.

And the 40k game?  20 models vs. an ork horde of... horde.  Here's a pic of him starting his first turn of Dawn of war.  Yes - that's 4 squads of 30 boyz.

The game ended with 4 GK Terminators holding one objective.  3 Orks holding another, and 12 Orks holding a third (with the 4th objective being unclaimed). 


Well, that didn't go quite to plan. This is the start of the game. It was bloody, it was brutal... And it was loss, 2-1. Good game, but in the end I just couldn't get to where I needed to to do what I needed to.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Game 1 and 2 with the grey knights..

Game 1 vs. Dante's Drop army of Doom (Dante, Dread Libby, 4 x5 Honor Guard, Furioso Dread, and 2 Storm Ravens).  If you can't tell from the picture - that was one of my Knights firing a heavy psycannon at the storm raven that was 8 inches away... I rolled box cars for deviation.  12 - 4 = 8 inches of deviation... right back on my head.  That was my rolling for most of the game.  Needing 3's to wound, rolling 2's... lots of 2's...

I was wiped out on Turn 5.  Off to lunch, and on to Game 2 vs. Dark Eldar.

This was part of turn 1 of my game vs. the Dark Eldar.  It was a knock-down, drag-out, fighitng fight.  At the end of the game, I had a wounded knight, 1 terminator from one squad, 4 from another, and my grand master; he had an immobilized Venom, 2 scourges, and a Razorwing Jetfighter...  And it ended in a tie.  His razorwing did a turn 5, on from reserve, turbo-boost move to contest my objective and then shot and killed the knight with the venom.  Rolled to end the game... rolled a 1.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"100% not f***ing around"


(One of my friend Jason's favorite quotes)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Two-Thirds built

Two of three Dread Knights.

Two of three units of Grey Knight Terminators.

One of one Grand Master.

Left to build is one unit of GKT, one DK, and one Inquisitor.  Still not sure what I want to use for the Inquisitor...

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Raining (bits of Norse) Men.. hallelujah!

Also known as Game 12.

I ended this season the same way I started it.  In the Pouring Rain, playing against the Norse.  Same coach - he did end up restarting after our first game - and his one hurt him worse - Casualties were 7-1, including 2 stat breaks, and 3 deaths.... I did much better on the "scoring" for this game though, winning 4-1. 

Roughly half his rolls were 1's - which, isn't so good when you need to roll anything but that to be able to hit most of my guys.  The three deaths (Ulfwerner, Lineman, and Runner) did net me one free Rotter (only had space for one on my roster).  His dice were comically bad - and mine were above average.

So, at the end of 12 games, it looks like I'll be going into the finals (something about having 9 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties) with the following team:
  • 1 Strength Broken Beast of Nurgle with Guard and Block
  • 3 Nurgle Warriors, all with Block
  • 3 Pestigors with Foul Appearance, one with Guard, one with Frenzy and Juggernaut, and one with Nerves of Steel 
  • 9 Rotters - one Leader, one Kick-off Return *and* Hail Mary, one just Kick-off Return, two with Wrestle, and one with Kick.
  • 3 Re-Rolls (plus the Leader one)
  • 10 Fan Factor
  • 3 Assistant Coaches
  • 3 Cheerleaders
  • 390,000gp in the bank
  • Team Value of  1,840,000gp
My Season Differentials are:
  • Touchdowns: 26-8
  • Casualties: 33-7
  • Fouls that have broken armor: 18

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blood Bowl Nurgle - Game 11 (of 12)

A reasonably mellow game - all things considered.  It was against a Necro team.  He had 2.8 million in inducements - picked up Hack Enslash and an Igor.  Hack was the only one of his players to do anything (broke the Beast of Nurgle's Collar Bone... failed his Regen roll too).  Game ended in a 1-1 tie - just too much of a grind to get anywhere with it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New pictures of built stuff...

One dreadknight - Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword, and a Personal Teleporter.

One Terminator Squad - Justicar with Daemonhammer, Sword, Halberd, Psycannon and Halberd, and a Banner.  No shoulderpads yet - may be doing some custom ones for a tournament next year.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painting Nurgle in 15 easy steps! (Part 3)

Step 10 - This was the easy and clean up steps.  Basing and sealing basically.  So, first up, paint the base black.  I was cheating and using a mixed tone ballast - so I needed a black base.  Were I painting the ballast, I would have painted the base after the glued ballast went down.

Step 11 - ballast.  Watered down white (PVA) glue, ballast, let dry, and then further watered down white glue to seal.

Step 12 - Flock.  Using the slightly thicker white glue mix, the models got random spots of flock and then static grass.  It was kinda weird - it altered the color tone a little on the skin tone.  A little hard to see in the picture, but it was noticeable when I did it.

Step 13 - Blood bowl numbering.  I've started numbering both the front and the back of the bases for my blood bowl teams.  It makes easier for everyone playing to know which guy is which.  Since my base rings are black, they get a small white spot.

After that, it was on to Step 14 - The spray sealer.  Some people  say this step is not needed - after all you did just dunk your mini in a liquid designed to protect your deck from hail storms... but I find it's nice to get an even color tone (even some color shifting), as well as protecting all the other stuff you'd done to the model since the dip.

You may notice something missing - the numbers.  The spray sealer will make the Sharpie ink run - don't ask me how I found that out... my Slayer's still don't look right.  Up to this point, I'm out something like 30 minutes of paint work for the black, the glue, the second coat of glue, and the white - it took longer because I was waiting for glue to dry.

Step 15 - The Numbering.  I kept the numbers the same from when I started (something about playing with the army before even priming.  It's a habit I've done with Blood Bowl teams, the "specialists" are always the low numbers and the "linemen" are always the upper numbers.  I don't know why... maybe it's just ADD kicking in...

So, total paint "work" time is roughly 3-4 hours or so.  All of it done during the evenings.  Start to finish was closer to 6 days of time..  It was enough though.  Our BB Commish was going to give me crap (again) for not having a painted team when I started my games on Sunday and I got to give him the blank "what do you mean?" stare as I pulled them out of the case all done.

Painting Nurgle in 15 easy steps! (Part 2)

In last episode....

Right - Part 6 - Copper on the metal bits (and something I should have done differently).  The color tone turned out to be a little too close to the leather of the boots.  You'll see it on the completed pictures later on.

Step 7 - Black on everything that doesn't have paint on it already.   This is more of a "rotten fabric" thing - filling in the things that weren't other colors.

Step 8 - Reds for body parts, tongues, and a wolf grey for the hair bits.

After this is was clean up of the paint and the the almighty dip.  I use MinWax Waterbased stain.  I'm still working on getting the new color line right (they changed lines on me).  This was American Walnut - which was too red for what I wanted really...  Oh well, moving on.

Step 9 - Post Dip.

I let them sit overnight to finish drying.  All done in about an hour (except for the dipping) in one night.  The dipping was done the next day - something about that's when the time was available.  On to part 3...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Painting Nurgle in 15 easy steps! (Part 1)

Not pictured - is the straight up primed only picture.  So, here's Step 1 - which was "Dead Flesh" on the skin.

Step 2 - Purple on everything.  I tried not to duplicate where they had purple, but there was two rotters who got purple tabards.

Step 3 - a combination of light brown and dead flesh for the Pestigor's fur.

Step 4 - Brown - leather-esque for other clothing bits.

Step 5 - White for the bone bits.

This far was done in roughly an hour or so of work over two days, with some touch-up for over paint where needed.  I let them sit overnight, and then got on with the show.

Game 8, 9 and 10

Long shot of the 1-0 win I got over the Chaos Dwarf team.  I blame the rain.  Almost made it 2-0.  Turn 8 of the first half, no re-rolls... I had a rotter dodge out, run back, pick up the ball, go for it twice, pass a short pass to a Pestigor in a tacklezone who caught the ball.  The plan was to have the Pestigor blitz the Bull Centaur in my way, and going for it twice more, score.  Pestigor rolled a Skull.

I like to call this one "punching bag" - this would be the @$$-beating I gave a human team.  5-0... No long term damage to the humans though... Something about having an apothecary and 2 wandering apothecaries for those that needed it.

And last but not least, the 2-0 beating of the Orcs.  A lot of his blitzers had Stand Firm,else there would have been many more guys beaten up by the crowd.  

So, with 2 games left to go in this season.  I'm 8-1-1 with a 21-6 differential on Touchdowns, and 25-5 for Casualties.... no deaths though - so, no free Rotters.... yet.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game 6 and Game 7 - Nurgle

Nurgle vs. Orcs - after a Pitch Invasion.  He had the Fame...  the crowd wanted blood.  :)

Ended up winning 2-0.  Funny story - Rotter has the ball 6 squares away from the end zone on Turn 8 of the first half, he has a MV of 5 and I've got no re-rolls.  Stop me if you've heard this before...   Luckily for me, it was only a Stunned after the armor was broken.

Second game of the day was vs. a Chaos Team.  This was the view I had most of the game.  He won 3-1 (there was some abysmal rolling on my part - but it was countered by nicely timed failures on his part for Foul Appearance).  There we're no casualties this game...  None.

Sigh.  I need to paint my team.  Right - now's a good time.  :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I have found glue!

"...and in this picture, you can see the 'cleaned' building table, the stuff I'm building, and one of the teams waiting for paint."

As for the title, evidently there's only one place in Walla Walla to get plastic glue.  The local comic book shop that sell's GW only had GW branded super glue.  A) I don't use super glue on plastic (too brittle), and B) it was GW branded glue....  *sigh*

Turns out the toy store down the street (think a kid friendly Spencer's) had the Testor's glue...

Monday, September 12, 2011

2 More games of Nurgle BloodBowl down...

Seven to go for this season.  No pictures today - the team isn't done yet anyway... it's primed though.  :)

Game 4 was vs. some Chaos Dwarf (Dwarves?)...  A Chaos Dwarf Team.  3-0 shutout, and I out casualtied him 2-1... adding insult to injury, my one received casualty was regenerated.

Game 5 was vs. Humans. 2-0 win, 3-1 casualty spread (again, regeneration kicked in)... the crowd however was brutal.  I pushed a catcher into the crowd (hey, he had the ball and would have scored next turn).  They broke his ankle.

So, after 5 games - I'm 4-0-1, team rating is 1,340,000.  My beast has Guard, a Nurgle Warrior has Block, all of my Bestigor's have Foul Appearance, and a Rotter has Kick.  The team consists of 1 beast, 3 Warriors, 3 Bestigors, and 8 Rotters.  I haven't made a new Rotter yet... but I have had an opponent have a player miss the next game on all my games...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clean(er) slate...

So last night, I spent about an hour and a half cleaning off the painting/building desk.  Tools got put away, bitz got put in their respective bitz containers, paint got sorted - everything got cleaned.  Clean slate.

Up on the paint deck is an Orc Bloodbowl team for ebay, and my Nurgle team for the local league.

Up on the building deck is my new army (more on that later - I promise), and the last of the Orks to bring it to 2500 points (three killa kans on warbuggy "legs"). 

Right so new army.  20 model Grey Knight list (I know, I know... I've heard it, move on).
  • OM Inquisitor with 3 Servo-Skulls (cause they're cheaper if wielded by an Inq. vs. the Grand Master)
  • Grand Master with Storm Bolter and M/C Force Sword, Digital Weapons, Psybolt Ammo, Pychotroke and Rad Grenades, and a single Servo-Skull
  • 3 Units of 5 Termiantors with Psybolt Ammo, Banner, 1 Hammer, 1 Falchion with Psycannon, 1 Sword, led by a Justicar with Falchions
  • 3 Dread-Knights with Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Greatsword, and a Personal Teleporter (aka - 300 poitns of goodness and light).
There's discussion for a "themed" team tourney  to replace the GM and Inquisitor with Mordrak and one Ghost Knight... I'd be 15 points short of the 2000 - so I'd probably end up master-crafting the Justicar's weapons to make up the points.  Pictures in progress should start showing up here this month (now that the summer of "no free time" is done).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

3 games of Nurgle-y goodness

1-1 tie vs Norse (see picture above).
2-0 gridlock vs Chaos Dwarf.
2-1 beat down against Pro Elves....
Nuffle be praised!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Game 5 - You have how many dreadnoughts?

The answer is "six" by the way.  Six dreadnoughts hurt.  A lot.  Fun game though - everything went into reserve for fun - and then most of them didn't want to come out and play...  Mek with SAG actually killed a few things... it was amazing.  Imaging this scene with 5 drop pods, roughly 25 marines, 4 dreadnoughts, a tech marine and vulkan in the middle... that's about what the end of turn 6 looked like. :)

Game 4 - Orks win!

I sat down for this game with one request - Could I please only fight 1 land raider.  This game seemed to reverse all my (bad) luck from the previous 3 games.  I could hit, I could wound, I could save... it was a miracle - I was rolling average!  :)

Terminators in lower left had some issues hitting my nobs (they were in a land raider), and the terminators in the upper left - I stayed away from.

Orkses winz!

Game 3 - 7 Tanks-a-shockin!

This was my opponents turn 1... that's 7 tanks that tank shocked on the board - total casualty for the Orks: one biker.  Only failed 2 checks requiring the nob pole re-roll... and failed one of them.

Game went downhill casualty wise from there... :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

End of game 2

Another Grey Knight army... vs one wounded power klaw nob. Technically beat my opponent - but not by enough to win... Strange mission, I'll have to post it when I get home.

Game 1 highlights

Adeptus Mechanicus army using Grey Knight rules... And those are Dreadknights.

End of game is one immobilized trukk... vs most of his army.

Pre Game 1

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ready to go!

Army's all packed. Display (movement) board is done. I leave Friday morning... It's weird to not have a list of things to finish before the tourney...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The weekend...

So, we went camping this weekend.  Had a wonderful time in the mountains with the family.  The plan was to come back on Sunday and work on the display board for the Orks.

In reality, we had a lovely side trip that included one of these:

$170 for a tow from Pendleton to Walla Walla.  It went down hill from there...  Got the 'burban back today.  And got to work more on the display board.

Everything's glued down nice and good, cutouts are in for the bikes.  There's a layer of sheet metal for the magnets on the bikes.  The black is a custom mixture of black paint, elmer's glue, and water to help seal the foam-core.  I'm going to layout the bikes, put down the ballast and then paint a new layer on everything, seal it, and go...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post Geek Weekend rundown

Right.  Friday was the plane ride down to San Jose, lunch, and 3 Bloodbowl games with Nurgle.  Saturday was 3 Bloodbowl games, 2 games of Battleground, and a 7 player game of Battlestar Galactica (more on that below).  Sunday was a Battleground, 2 Bloodbowl, and 2 40k games.  Monday was a Bloodbowl and a Battleground game, and then a flight home.  Sixteen games over 72 hours in California.

I'm beat.

Right - Battlestar:  7 players, both expansions.  I was a revealed cylon ("Cavil") who's win condition was to have the humans win and have at least one of the dials at 2 or less. At the end of the game - around the table from me -
  • airlocked cylon / final five ("Cally"), 
  • not a cyclon / final five ("Gaeta" - most of the game he was President and Admiral and for the second half CAG as well),
  • not a cylon / not a cylon / final five ("Boomer"), 
  • not a cylon / not a cylon ("Tyrol"),
  • shot by Cally cylon / final five (don't remember)
  • not a cylon / final five / not a cylon ("Baltar")
The new expansion is rough.  Fun, but rough.  The cylon fleet is always pushing down on you.

Great weekend was had.  Now, I get to finish my movement (aka "display") board for the Orks for OFCC - and I got a shipment of stuff for my new winter army project - more on that later.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Off to the races...

Leaving here in about 30 minutes for the 3rd annual geek weekend. More game updates through the weekend.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Team Tournament style get together

So, a few of us drove out to Moscow to meet at the clubhouse of da Mamma's Boyz for a little OFCC pre-tournament gaming.  It was only three of us - one of the OFCC team had a scheduling snafu, and had to bail on us.  Since Moscow is east of us, I got the short part of trip..

Game one was against a Tau.

The missions were last year's OFCC missions - this one was the modified planetfall that includes objectives falling from the sky.  Tau had deepstrike issues - mostly ending up delayed and/or allowing me to place units - the only failure he had was an objective.  I had no unit deep striking failures, but did loose one of my objectives.  Wazdakka and one of the units of bikers didn't come on till turn 4 (and when you start rolling for reserves - which is everything - on turn 1.. it's like coming in on turn 5).  Primary mission was objectives (I had 2, he had 1), Secondary was Kill Points (he didn't have much left...), and Tertiary was killing HQ.  10 - 0 win for the Orks.

Off to the Pie-Hole for pizza by the slice.

Game 2:

Was vs. Evan's Marines - The mission was a 3 objective (that required a Troop and something else to claim),   Secondary and Tertiary - I don't remember.  And sorry, spaced the camera for taking pictures.  Evan made fully half of my orks run off the board - when the dice gods say "no"...   lemme give you an example of it - bolters firing at a mob of 4 bikers and their nob - end up scoring 5 wounds.  Failed 5 4+ armour saves.  The nob then caught a lascannon to the head.  Hey - I didn't have to take a break test for that unit - cause, lord knows I would have failed it...  Evan's a great guy, and I had fun playing the game.  10-1 loss for the Orks.

Game 3:

Strange, center objective counting, king of the hill type mission against Magnus' Space Wolf.  All the luck I burned in my game 2, came back and smacked Magnus around.  He couldn't hit with the special things, he couldn't make armour saves with the special things (I'm talking wolf banners, melta guns, wolf guard, mark of the wulfen, rune priests...)  Here's a picture from about Turn 2.  Those Wolf Guard termies - they ran off the board.  Those bikers in the middle there - with some help of the 'Ard Boy squad and another biker squad managed to survive till the end - beating down 3 units of grey hunters, the wolf guard, and a wolf lord...

So, in three games - my Mek with Shokk Attack Gun manages to stun 1 rhino, and kill 1 Marine and 1 Biker boy.  Game 1 it was completly useless - never getting close to hitting anything.  Game 2, the only time it hit was when it was a low strength hit against a land raider, and Game 3 the deviation actually left the unit I was aiming at, to hit the unit behind them...  Poor showing for him.

The "tri-cities" team beat da mammas boyz reasonably soundly, and a fun time was had by all.

We then piled back into Dave's car, grabbed some food, and drove home.

All and all, a fun day.

Friday, July 8, 2011

WIP of a Killa Kan

It'll still fit on the 60mm base (mostly), and is roughly the same height as the "standard" killa kan - but it fits into the theme of the ork biker army.