Sunday, December 4, 2011

Two more games in with Grey Knights.

Game one was vs. 2000 points Dark Eldar.  Lots... and lots... and lots... of poison weapons.  Reserves weren't my friend this game - I came in too piecemeal and.  Let's just say it was a quick 2000 point game.  :)

Off to lunch, and on to Game two.

1750 vs. Eldar.

I set everything up (all 10 terminators and 3 dreadknights) and proceeded to take him apart.  End of the game, I had a 5 man sitting on one objective, a scoring dreadknight sitting on the second objective, and a single terminator that ran off the third objective when the other terminator still living got shot by the avatar's "meltagun".  For him - he had an avatar with one wound left.  Basically, the army did what it was "supposed" to do.

I supposed one of these days I should get the shoulderpads on these terminators... and maybe get them painted.  :)

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