Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rebuild of "Smells LIke Team Spirit"

First up, the new Beast of Nurgle.  I'm using a slightly modified Avatars of War "Herald of Pestilence."  First time I've used something from Avatars of War. Overall, I like the model - it has a serious gap issue (you can see that from the greenstuff), and it fits nicely on one of Impact!'s 30mm bases.

Second is the new Rotters.  Using Crypt Ghouls from the GW Vampire Counts line. 

I'm still waiting for the Pestigors and Chaos Warriors (Nurgle Warriors).

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  1. "Smells like Team Spirit" and "the new Rotters" - lol, classics :D

    Did you make those names up ? If so, respect to you and thanks for giving me a good chuckle :)

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