Sunday, July 27, 2014

Blasted hell turkey!

(No really, the dakka jet's a hell drake)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Well, I looked pretty before dying...

Well, I got two games in at 1000 points.  My army was three units of Deathwing Terminators led by Azreal.  First up was vs. Chaos.  I died.  A lot.  It didn't help that one unit of terminators had a deep strike mishap (11" deviation thankyouverymuch) and was destroyed, a second caught 3 plasma cannons just after deep-striking (that would by 15 PC hits).

Second game was vs. Space Wolves.  It went better - but I still died to a man (terminator?).

Oh well, it was fun - on to 1250 points..

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Somehow I missed posting this..

The fully built (well, full team - I shared some of the extras with a friend) Ogre team from Impact! Miniature's Kickstarter.

When the sky stops spitting at me, I'll get these guys (along with the terminators) primed.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Kickstarter Ogres size comparison (and mini-review)

So, my Kickstarter Ogres arrived on Friday (ya!).  I've since had enough time to build exactly 1 of them.  But, here he is.  Smaller and weedier than the current line of Ogre Kingdoms, but about in line with the old GW Ogres (which, is what they were sold as).  The snotli...err "Imps" are *tiny*... here's a pic of all 20 of them, with a 25mm base for size comparison.

On to the quality.  They're definitely Trollcast resin - there's some funky left over bits and some air bubbles.  Not bad... about what I'd expect from this style of resin.  This one guy that I've built came in 4 parts.  The body, the head, and two arms.  His left arm had a weird placement for the injection point that took a little bit to clean up, and if you open up the full size picture, you can catch a few little bubbles still.

I'm trying something new with these guys, I'm building them onto little plasticard chunks, so that when the ballast goes down, it will look like he's walking on it, not buried in it (like the painted guys to each side of him are).

All and all, I like them.  I'm glad I got them, and I look forward to building them...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Impact! Miniiatures, Kickstarter, and Bloodbowl..

It's a common collection these days...

I broke my seal on Kickstarter with the Ogres from Impact.  Below is the shipping information for that package.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some pics of some teams..

These are all destined for eBay...

First up, box set, plastic Orcs...

Next, box set, plastic Humans (with an Ogre)...

Next is a team I've had primed for about 6 years... 16 of the "Imps" and two Treemen.  Painted as a Halfling team.

The were dipped last night, so I should be able to base them and get them ready for sale weekend. 
They're on the old 15mm bases that the Imps used to come with, for extra "i feel tiny" feeling.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Final (?) game of the season for the Amazon's

So, we were supposed to have the playoff this last weekend.  But, there was like 6" of snow on the ground, and several people freaked (not nearly as bad as they did in the South... but still).  So, there were three of us.. the #1 seed (Orks), the #2 seed (me), and the #9 seed (Humans)... who showed up to play. 

The Human coach bowed out (as he had lost to both of us, and we hadn't played each other this season). 

It was one of the best games I've had in a while.. :)  No one could hold on to the ball.  I used all but one of my re-rolls for the games on Go For It rolls...

Ended in a 1-1 Tie.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Final Amazon game of the season...

It was a doozy.

Tightest game of the series for me.  Played against a Chaos Dwarf team.  Here's a pic from turn 1.

The Death Roller is actually a Minotaur for this game...

We played in Sweltering Heat.  I kicked to him.  It took him 8 turns to grind down to a TD, we forgot the roll for heat, and then he kicked to me for my 8th.  During the drive I put on of the Bull Centaurs into the Casualty box (thanks to an Apothecary - no long term damage).  At the end of the half we rolled for the heat - he lost a Dwarf and the Minotaur - none of my team was affected.

Start of the second half - he kicked to me, I scored on turn 2.  Sweltering Heat rolls - he's down two Dwarfs, I'm down a blitzer and a line woman.  Kick-off result was a riot, so we advanced one turn marker.  He then takes the rest of the game to walk down the pitch... I make sure he can't make the End Zone on his turn 8.  It cost me a blitzer (no long term damage) to do it though.  Fair trade for the tie.

So, at the end of 8 games, I'm 5-0-3, have a full 16 players (and have for a while), only had two casualties against me that cost anything (one was a death, the other was a stat bust that I replaced when I have the money.

The finals / tournament is the first weekend in February - double elimination, non-resurrection.  This is going to be fun... assuming I don't have to play more Dwarf teams.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


These three pics are post paint, pre-dip.

The next two are post dip, but still wet with stain.


And last two, with black bases - have been sitting for about 12 hours drying.

Tomorrow, they get their final game of the season in...