Monday, January 6, 2014

Final Amazon game of the season...

It was a doozy.

Tightest game of the series for me.  Played against a Chaos Dwarf team.  Here's a pic from turn 1.

The Death Roller is actually a Minotaur for this game...

We played in Sweltering Heat.  I kicked to him.  It took him 8 turns to grind down to a TD, we forgot the roll for heat, and then he kicked to me for my 8th.  During the drive I put on of the Bull Centaurs into the Casualty box (thanks to an Apothecary - no long term damage).  At the end of the half we rolled for the heat - he lost a Dwarf and the Minotaur - none of my team was affected.

Start of the second half - he kicked to me, I scored on turn 2.  Sweltering Heat rolls - he's down two Dwarfs, I'm down a blitzer and a line woman.  Kick-off result was a riot, so we advanced one turn marker.  He then takes the rest of the game to walk down the pitch... I make sure he can't make the End Zone on his turn 8.  It cost me a blitzer (no long term damage) to do it though.  Fair trade for the tie.

So, at the end of 8 games, I'm 5-0-3, have a full 16 players (and have for a while), only had two casualties against me that cost anything (one was a death, the other was a stat bust that I replaced when I have the money.

The finals / tournament is the first weekend in February - double elimination, non-resurrection.  This is going to be fun... assuming I don't have to play more Dwarf teams.

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