Sunday, October 30, 2011

Game 1 and 2 with the grey knights..

Game 1 vs. Dante's Drop army of Doom (Dante, Dread Libby, 4 x5 Honor Guard, Furioso Dread, and 2 Storm Ravens).  If you can't tell from the picture - that was one of my Knights firing a heavy psycannon at the storm raven that was 8 inches away... I rolled box cars for deviation.  12 - 4 = 8 inches of deviation... right back on my head.  That was my rolling for most of the game.  Needing 3's to wound, rolling 2's... lots of 2's...

I was wiped out on Turn 5.  Off to lunch, and on to Game 2 vs. Dark Eldar.

This was part of turn 1 of my game vs. the Dark Eldar.  It was a knock-down, drag-out, fighitng fight.  At the end of the game, I had a wounded knight, 1 terminator from one squad, 4 from another, and my grand master; he had an immobilized Venom, 2 scourges, and a Razorwing Jetfighter...  And it ended in a tie.  His razorwing did a turn 5, on from reserve, turbo-boost move to contest my objective and then shot and killed the knight with the venom.  Rolled to end the game... rolled a 1.

Monday, October 24, 2011

"100% not f***ing around"


(One of my friend Jason's favorite quotes)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Two-Thirds built

Two of three Dread Knights.

Two of three units of Grey Knight Terminators.

One of one Grand Master.

Left to build is one unit of GKT, one DK, and one Inquisitor.  Still not sure what I want to use for the Inquisitor...

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Raining (bits of Norse) Men.. hallelujah!

Also known as Game 12.

I ended this season the same way I started it.  In the Pouring Rain, playing against the Norse.  Same coach - he did end up restarting after our first game - and his one hurt him worse - Casualties were 7-1, including 2 stat breaks, and 3 deaths.... I did much better on the "scoring" for this game though, winning 4-1. 

Roughly half his rolls were 1's - which, isn't so good when you need to roll anything but that to be able to hit most of my guys.  The three deaths (Ulfwerner, Lineman, and Runner) did net me one free Rotter (only had space for one on my roster).  His dice were comically bad - and mine were above average.

So, at the end of 12 games, it looks like I'll be going into the finals (something about having 9 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties) with the following team:
  • 1 Strength Broken Beast of Nurgle with Guard and Block
  • 3 Nurgle Warriors, all with Block
  • 3 Pestigors with Foul Appearance, one with Guard, one with Frenzy and Juggernaut, and one with Nerves of Steel 
  • 9 Rotters - one Leader, one Kick-off Return *and* Hail Mary, one just Kick-off Return, two with Wrestle, and one with Kick.
  • 3 Re-Rolls (plus the Leader one)
  • 10 Fan Factor
  • 3 Assistant Coaches
  • 3 Cheerleaders
  • 390,000gp in the bank
  • Team Value of  1,840,000gp
My Season Differentials are:
  • Touchdowns: 26-8
  • Casualties: 33-7
  • Fouls that have broken armor: 18

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blood Bowl Nurgle - Game 11 (of 12)

A reasonably mellow game - all things considered.  It was against a Necro team.  He had 2.8 million in inducements - picked up Hack Enslash and an Igor.  Hack was the only one of his players to do anything (broke the Beast of Nurgle's Collar Bone... failed his Regen roll too).  Game ended in a 1-1 tie - just too much of a grind to get anywhere with it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New pictures of built stuff...

One dreadknight - Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword, and a Personal Teleporter.

One Terminator Squad - Justicar with Daemonhammer, Sword, Halberd, Psycannon and Halberd, and a Banner.  No shoulderpads yet - may be doing some custom ones for a tournament next year.