Friday, September 28, 2012

Khemri - now with more pictures

First up - team photo:

That's 8 "Skeletons", 2 Throw-Ra's, 2 Blitz-Ra's, and 4 Tomb Guardians.

Next is a close up of the Skeletons:

I've added a back plate to the skeleton's to put number on them (since the rest of the team are intended for "Fantasy Football Games" - they've got the plate).  It's a chunk of plastic card that I punched through a hole punch.

Two of the four Tomb Guardians:


Throw-Ra #1 (palming the football):

And last, the Throw-Ra #2 (kicking the ball):

Here's a close-up of the football - the model is a "running/kicking" pose - one leg up - to me, it looked like he was kicking a ball...

I'm hoping to get these guys (and the turn counters) at least primed this weekend.  Not sure - this is the first building/painting I've done in the new place - much less space and no garage to spray in...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Alt BloodBowl figures - shipping times, etc.

So, to build my next season's BB team (Khemri - see previous post), I had to do some digging to find the models I wanted.  After finding them, it was a matter of figuring the best way to get them for the best price.

Wargods Horde Mummies (Skeletons) - Since they're so out of print I really had two options.  FRP Games (a wonderful online store that carries almost everything, has quick shipping, and reasonable prices) and eBay.  Good prices if you can find them and snag them.  This set I found on eBay - knowing what I would pay at FRP to have them shipped gave me a "don't go over $x" amount.  Got them for about 65% of retail - although I did suffer a little in shipping time.  Auction closed on Sept 12, they were shipped the 17th and I received them the 20th.

Willy's Miniatures (Rest of the team) - I tried to get everything from Impact!  But he didn't have any of the "Egyptian wights" (Blitz-Ras) and let me know it was going to be a bit before he did.  So I ordered the Mummies (Throw-Ras) and the "Egyptian Mummies" (Tomb Guardians) from him.  They were ordered on the 7th, shipped on the 20th (Impact does say it could take up to three weeks to ship - so, no issues), and they arrived on the 24th.

The Egyptian Wights - I had a choice to order from him directly or go with something like Comixinos.  Both are out of the EU, so I knew I would have a little bit of a delay for the shipment.  Willy charged €1 less for shipping than Comixinos did... so I went with him.  His ordering system's a bit weird, basically you email him and let him know what you want to order, he responds with a total, and you paypal him the money.  Here I was pleasantly surprised - I ordered on the morning of the 12th, they were shipped on the 17th, and I had a delivery notice sitting for me on the 26th.  Did I mention they were shipped Registered Mail?

I'll do pictures of the full team later tonite - I need to finish building the Blitz-Ra's.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work in Progress shot - Khemri BloodBowl

Willy Miniatures "Egyptian Mummies" as my Tomb Guardians and "Mummie 2" as a Throw-Ra, and finally a Crocodile Games "Horde Mummy" as my Skeleton.  What's not pictures (cause I'm still waiting for my shipment from Spain) is the "Egyptian Wights" I'm using as my Block-Ra's. 

The big mummies are on 30mm bases - as they didn't quite fit on a 25mm...

Kill Zone / Movie Marines - With Pictures

Click the picture to make it bigger.  Left to right:
  • Dreadnought as Kill Zone Terminator (Assault Cannon, Hard to Kill, Thermal Imaging), The Dude as Movie Marines.
  • Vanguard Veteran Sgt (with Relic Blade in KZ), Space Marine Sergeant in MM
  • Marine with Bolter (in both - in KZ, one of them has a medi-pack) X3
  • Marine with Flamer
  • Marine with Heavy Bolter (with Targeter for KZ, used as a Space Marine with Missile Launcher for MM)

All painted by CMSheats in Florida.  He's quick, communicative, and the updates he sends are all on a forum type setup.

Two pictures of the Orks in battle

First up, the setup.  Played 1500 points Crusade (3 objectives) with a "Vanguard Strike" deployment vs. my friend Eric's Blood Angels army (this was after the ass-beating I gave him with the movie marines).

It went marginally better for him than against the Marines.  He tried to castle up in the corner...  but he really didn't have the long range firepower to slow me down. 

The game was really a matter of who could charge, do the damage and then weather the storm.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Movie Marines

Played a quick game with my new Chapterhouse "Tru-Scale" Iron Snakes.

Sarge, Dude, Flamer Marine, Missile Marine, three Space Marines, and a Razorback - with 3 stunt doubles. Wiped Eric's Blood Angels off the board with a loss of the Flamer Marine and the Razorback.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things that make you go.... "WTF?"

So, I'm doing some house-cleaning ("post move downsize" if you want to get technical), and I came across two sets of these.  As is want to most things in a games possession, I'm not exactly clear on where and when I got them.  I want to say it was from an LA Games Day, somewhere in the early 2000's... but they're not labeled anywhere.  No tag, nothing on the bottom of the resin... nothing.

So, I do a little online research (thank you for being there SOL).  Nothing.

I post it to some friends who have been playing GW's games since the dawn of time.  None of them recognize it.

The base is a white resin, pile of skulls.  Center indent would hold a 40mm base.  Banner pole is white metal.  It's covered in "Games Workshop-esque iconography" - laurels, the two-headed eagle, skulls, purity seals, etc.

Anyone out there recognize it?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Orks rollin through Guard

This is after turn 4... It was brutal. For him. :)