Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Things that make you go.... "WTF?"

So, I'm doing some house-cleaning ("post move downsize" if you want to get technical), and I came across two sets of these.  As is want to most things in a games possession, I'm not exactly clear on where and when I got them.  I want to say it was from an LA Games Day, somewhere in the early 2000's... but they're not labeled anywhere.  No tag, nothing on the bottom of the resin... nothing.

So, I do a little online research (thank you for being there SOL).  Nothing.

I post it to some friends who have been playing GW's games since the dawn of time.  None of them recognize it.

The base is a white resin, pile of skulls.  Center indent would hold a 40mm base.  Banner pole is white metal.  It's covered in "Games Workshop-esque iconography" - laurels, the two-headed eagle, skulls, purity seals, etc.

Anyone out there recognize it?

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