Monday, November 30, 2009

Gamer ADD, round two...

Greenstuff'd arm, and storm bolter with added ammo belt (Ork, to be exact).

One more bitz-built Terminator with the exception of the head.  One of the "Steam Knight Helmets" by MaxMini.   It's a little taller than the standard terminator helmets so will take a little trimming to get the other ones in.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'll admit it, I have have Gamer ADD...

So, I've had this idea for a chaos-wing army rolling around in the back of my head for like almost 2 years.  I kept putting it off because the list using the Deathwing list just wasn't good enough for me.  With the Wolves codex the list is gooder. 


So, I picked up a Chaos Terminator Lord box (on sale!) while I was on a work trip, and got some terminators in trade and went digging through my bitz box.  I was able, with this $18 box, and my bitz to build my Logan proxy, my rune priest (sorcerer), 2 terminator Lone Wolves, and a full 6-man squad.

I still need to get the guard army up and running.  Here's some pictures of what I've got so far.  They're not quite done done... need to do some cleanup and greenstuff work (and give logan his storm bolter).



Anyone got any extra terminator legs they don't need?  I've got plenty of torso's and weapons...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Post tournament thoughts...

I ran a tournament today.  Dismal turnout... five.  (Really guys, only 5 of you?).  But I think fun was had by all. 

Ran a new tournament scoring sheet where scoring was not as visible to the players, and instead of the standard GW "pick one of the following" for painting and composition... it was more "check all that apply."  I set the numbers to be up out of 100 points (51 pts for battle, 15 for opponent judged comp/theme, 10 for TO painting, and 24 for opponent scored theme).  The score range today was 44 to 77.  Missions blatantly stolen and modified from the  "Dice Like Thunder" missions (link here - pdf warning).

That is all.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wife's painting skillz....

They've been sitting close to done for almost a month now.  It was just waiting on me getting off my *deleted* to base and seal them.


They're going up on eBay as soon as I finish this post...  Thanksgiving vacation gas money.  :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Funniest Casualty in a while...

Bloodbowl. First game with the Dark Elves. First game in the league season. Playing Ogres. Second action with the one (and only) WitchElf. She Blitzes the snotling cage, three dice all come up a 'Push'.  Snotling pops out of the pocket (stoopid side step), frenzy kicks in and she's got to hit again. This time she only rolling one die.

'Both Down'

I roll on the snotling armour (5)... roll a 4. He rolls on the  Witch's armour (7)... Rolls an 11. Rolls for result... 12.  Casualty.  Result of 63.



Witch Elf.



A 20k model just caused the death of a 110k model. Sigh. Have I mentioned I love this game? :)
On a positive note, the next time anyone plays the Ogres, they're going to owe me big. I downed 3 of the 5 beasts, and killed something like 4 snotlings.