Sunday, November 1, 2009

Funniest Casualty in a while...

Bloodbowl. First game with the Dark Elves. First game in the league season. Playing Ogres. Second action with the one (and only) WitchElf. She Blitzes the snotling cage, three dice all come up a 'Push'.  Snotling pops out of the pocket (stoopid side step), frenzy kicks in and she's got to hit again. This time she only rolling one die.

'Both Down'

I roll on the snotling armour (5)... roll a 4. He rolls on the  Witch's armour (7)... Rolls an 11. Rolls for result... 12.  Casualty.  Result of 63.



Witch Elf.



A 20k model just caused the death of a 110k model. Sigh. Have I mentioned I love this game? :)
On a positive note, the next time anyone plays the Ogres, they're going to owe me big. I downed 3 of the 5 beasts, and killed something like 4 snotlings.


  1. You killed 3 of 5 Ogres?

    Oh man, that gets you waking up next to a horse's head...

  2. Killed is such a strong word.... I caused 3 casualties on Ogres (only one from a foul). Net result is a loss of AG on one of the beasies, and the other two are missing next game. But still...

  3. We had a new player in our league try dark elves. Since it was an ongoing league he got some free skills over extra players. On the first play of his first game a skilled lineman gets killed even with apothecary. Has gone down hill for him from there. He has gone 0-6.

  4. I used to love my Dark Elf team. NOT THAT WAY YOU SICKOS!

    I scored a lot of touchdowns. It was great. That being said they started to get boring real fast. I went back to playing halflings after that...

  5. This is in English???

  6. Well, there's English words in it. But it's definitely the Gamer Dialogue of the Queen's own English.

  7. Who is this ANONYMOUS and why does he/she have no name or face?!?! Trent's being stalked; cool! Heheheheeee.... This is how I translated this: Trent played a game with little painted (or not) figurines, and LOST big time!!

  8. Actually, I won the game - but at the cost of a *very* expensive model (game points term... not cash wise).

  9. Gotcha. That's what I get for reading this while doing other things (mainly, listening to Michaela tell me a story). :)