Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blood Bowl Finals...

4 players, single elimination.  This is me vs. Skaven.  Were it a league game, he would have been hurting for his next game - but alas and alak, it was was a resurrection style.  So, even though I beat the tar out of him, he did end up pulling a 2-0 victory (and, I do count my lucky stars that I kept him to just two scores). 

There was no quarter offered, and I didn't make any obvious mistakes...  there's just something about a gutter runner with mv 10 and sprint..  :)

On the painting side of things - it was a reasonably nice weekend, and I was able to get all the bigger bugs primed.  Tomorrow, if the weather holds I'm going to try and get the hormagaunts and gargoyles primed.  This whole "not having a garage to spray in" is getting kinda old.  :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

First (two) game(s) with the Tyranids... like 5 years.  :)

This is after my setup... lets just say it went downhill from there.  :)  Dave was playing a Deathwing list (first time with the new codex).  He stayed on my left side of table, so everything had to swing around.  Belial and his 10-man squad deep struck about where the hive tyrant is in this picture and it took 6 turns worth of combat, the huve tyrant, tyrant guard, and about 40 gaunts to kill the squad.  Here's a picture from about 3 seconds before the hive tyrant got pummeled to death by power fists...

For fun, I spawned gaunts every turn.  Didn't run out and didn't double out in the 6 turns I spawned.

Ended up loosing the game something like 14 to 5, but it was fun.

Started to get a 1000 point game in with someone else, but it had to be cut short after 2 turns - however, in those two turns I did manage to wreck face pretty bad.  No pictures though.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything

Aka - how many termagants fit on the jar...

Most of these little buggers spent 9 days in Simple Green, after several hours of scrubbing - they have been deemed "close enough".