Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blood Bowl Finals...

4 players, single elimination.  This is me vs. Skaven.  Were it a league game, he would have been hurting for his next game - but alas and alak, it was was a resurrection style.  So, even though I beat the tar out of him, he did end up pulling a 2-0 victory (and, I do count my lucky stars that I kept him to just two scores). 

There was no quarter offered, and I didn't make any obvious mistakes...  there's just something about a gutter runner with mv 10 and sprint..  :)

On the painting side of things - it was a reasonably nice weekend, and I was able to get all the bigger bugs primed.  Tomorrow, if the weather holds I'm going to try and get the hormagaunts and gargoyles primed.  This whole "not having a garage to spray in" is getting kinda old.  :)

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