Monday, October 29, 2012

Basing 2/3rds done...

Need to do the white bits for numbers, spray seal, and flock.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Khemri - Post-dip pictures

Got them dipped and inside about 3 seconds before the rainstorm started...  :)


They should be dry enough to do some touch-up and base work tomorrow night.  If I needed to, I could work with them tonight, but I'm willing to wait the day.

I'm using water-based stain, mostly for the easy of cleanup and the viscosity - the oil based stuff has to be thinned with mineral spirits or such to be workable - otherwise it's *WAAAY* too thick.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Have I mentioned lately that I love my wife...? No? Well, I do.

This weekend my lovely wife not only did the normal wife/mom stuff - she also painted my new BloodBowl team.  :)

These were usually painted late in the evening, after the kids were asleep.

Here's a little time-lapse set of photos.  One taken after each "painting session".  I was hoping to get them dipped today, but kids and work had other plans for me (that, and I can't seem to find the latex gloves...).

The Tomb Guardians - half done.

Tomb Guardians, done.

Most of the "skeletons" done (along with some of the counters)

All but the Blitz-Ras and Throw-Ras

Halfway through the Blitz-Ras and Throw-Ras.

All setup and ready for the dipping sauce.

I'll get some pictures up after they're dunked (so, probably tomorrow night).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stryke 'em frum da skiez, bruvvahs!

After turn 1.

His army was (from memory) Mephiston, assault chaplain, 1x5 assault marines, 1x5 sangunary guard, 1x5 death company, 1 DC dread, 1 AC predator, and 1 baal predator.  This was his first game of 6th, and my first with this army.  We gave him the run down and I made sure to let him alter things as needed for when the rules were different than what he was "used to"...

It still didn't end well for him.  We played "Dawn of War" and "Purge the Alien" (nice and simple - 12" deployment with kill points).  Some of it was his dice, some was his army...

Battle picture 1:

This is my left flank - one assault squad with the sangunary priest and the libriarian dreadnought.  Fought against both his predators, death company, and chaplain.  To a loss of about 6 assault marines.

Battle picture 2:

Astorath and the Death Company driving up the middle.  These guys took on Mephiston and the Sanguniary Guard.  To a loss of all but 1 DC and Astorath.

Not pictured was the right flank - Assault Marines afflicted with Red Thirst and the Baal Predator.  Did some damage to the Sanguinary Guard before the DC could get to them, and took care of his  Assault Marines.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Descent of Orks - now with pictures

Had a lovely trip last weekend down south.  Picked up some lovely painted models from my friend who will still paint for me.  :)

First up:  The Ark Angel of the Aporkalypse (aka Astorath the Grim)

Next, The Proffet of the Aporkalypse (aka Furioso Librarian in a Drop Pod)

(The drop pod wasn't quite ready - he's going to ship that to me - and I need to get a little touch-up done on this to be a little more "librarian")

Next, a Painboy (Sanguinary Priest with Flamer and Power Weapon - probably will call it a "power sword" - not sure yet)

First unit of Stormboyz, (Assault Marines) - with a close up of the Nob (Sgt) and one of the plasma pistols

There's another unit of these guys, pictures look about the same, so I'll skip them.  :)

Next the Deff Dissuphulls (Death Company) - with 2 close-ups, two of the power klaws (fist) and one with the flamer and power ax.

And finally, the Mini Kill-Blasta (Baal Predator) with dozer blade.

Now, I just need to figure out how to play them..  :P