Monday, October 22, 2012

Stryke 'em frum da skiez, bruvvahs!

After turn 1.

His army was (from memory) Mephiston, assault chaplain, 1x5 assault marines, 1x5 sangunary guard, 1x5 death company, 1 DC dread, 1 AC predator, and 1 baal predator.  This was his first game of 6th, and my first with this army.  We gave him the run down and I made sure to let him alter things as needed for when the rules were different than what he was "used to"...

It still didn't end well for him.  We played "Dawn of War" and "Purge the Alien" (nice and simple - 12" deployment with kill points).  Some of it was his dice, some was his army...

Battle picture 1:

This is my left flank - one assault squad with the sangunary priest and the libriarian dreadnought.  Fought against both his predators, death company, and chaplain.  To a loss of about 6 assault marines.

Battle picture 2:

Astorath and the Death Company driving up the middle.  These guys took on Mephiston and the Sanguniary Guard.  To a loss of all but 1 DC and Astorath.

Not pictured was the right flank - Assault Marines afflicted with Red Thirst and the Baal Predator.  Did some damage to the Sanguinary Guard before the DC could get to them, and took care of his  Assault Marines.

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