Friday, October 19, 2012

Descent of Orks - now with pictures

Had a lovely trip last weekend down south.  Picked up some lovely painted models from my friend who will still paint for me.  :)

First up:  The Ark Angel of the Aporkalypse (aka Astorath the Grim)

Next, The Proffet of the Aporkalypse (aka Furioso Librarian in a Drop Pod)

(The drop pod wasn't quite ready - he's going to ship that to me - and I need to get a little touch-up done on this to be a little more "librarian")

Next, a Painboy (Sanguinary Priest with Flamer and Power Weapon - probably will call it a "power sword" - not sure yet)

First unit of Stormboyz, (Assault Marines) - with a close up of the Nob (Sgt) and one of the plasma pistols

There's another unit of these guys, pictures look about the same, so I'll skip them.  :)

Next the Deff Dissuphulls (Death Company) - with 2 close-ups, two of the power klaws (fist) and one with the flamer and power ax.

And finally, the Mini Kill-Blasta (Baal Predator) with dozer blade.

Now, I just need to figure out how to play them..  :P

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