Monday, March 3, 2014

Kickstarter Ogres size comparison (and mini-review)

So, my Kickstarter Ogres arrived on Friday (ya!).  I've since had enough time to build exactly 1 of them.  But, here he is.  Smaller and weedier than the current line of Ogre Kingdoms, but about in line with the old GW Ogres (which, is what they were sold as).  The snotli...err "Imps" are *tiny*... here's a pic of all 20 of them, with a 25mm base for size comparison.

On to the quality.  They're definitely Trollcast resin - there's some funky left over bits and some air bubbles.  Not bad... about what I'd expect from this style of resin.  This one guy that I've built came in 4 parts.  The body, the head, and two arms.  His left arm had a weird placement for the injection point that took a little bit to clean up, and if you open up the full size picture, you can catch a few little bubbles still.

I'm trying something new with these guys, I'm building them onto little plasticard chunks, so that when the ballast goes down, it will look like he's walking on it, not buried in it (like the painted guys to each side of him are).

All and all, I like them.  I'm glad I got them, and I look forward to building them...

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