Sunday, November 20, 2011

A funny thing happened while at the game store...

So, I lost the semi-finals (see previous post).  Ronnie (Chaos) played Zach (Norse - my opponent) and ended up winning the championships.  The two players of the final each won $50 ISC, and we had drawings for two $25 ISC.  I won one of those (keep that in mind) in the drawing.

After lunch I started playing a game of 40k with a new guy and Ronnie came over and wanted to know what I wanted for my Nurgle team.  He said he was going to use his winnings to get GW's one - but it didn't have all of what he wanted in the team, and then he'd have to paint it (and figure out what to use for his Beast of Nurgle).  So, he wanted to buy my team from me.  I told him to make me an offer I couldn't refuse.  He offered the $50 ISC and $30 in cash (since he wouldn't have to pay one of the other guys to paint the team). 

So, that means.  I walked into the game store today with a BB team that I built from my bitz box and about $8 of bitz from an online bitz store.  Played a game of BloodBowl, a game of 40k and walked out with $30 in cash and $75 (well $74.25) worth of GW credit.  Bought a fantasy box as well as some BB figs - so I can recreate the team using different models - for Kubla.

And the 40k game?  20 models vs. an ork horde of... horde.  Here's a pic of him starting his first turn of Dawn of war.  Yes - that's 4 squads of 30 boyz.

The game ended with 4 GK Terminators holding one objective.  3 Orks holding another, and 12 Orks holding a third (with the 4th objective being unclaimed). 

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