Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Post Geek Weekend rundown

Right.  Friday was the plane ride down to San Jose, lunch, and 3 Bloodbowl games with Nurgle.  Saturday was 3 Bloodbowl games, 2 games of Battleground, and a 7 player game of Battlestar Galactica (more on that below).  Sunday was a Battleground, 2 Bloodbowl, and 2 40k games.  Monday was a Bloodbowl and a Battleground game, and then a flight home.  Sixteen games over 72 hours in California.

I'm beat.

Right - Battlestar:  7 players, both expansions.  I was a revealed cylon ("Cavil") who's win condition was to have the humans win and have at least one of the dials at 2 or less. At the end of the game - around the table from me -
  • airlocked cylon / final five ("Cally"), 
  • not a cyclon / final five ("Gaeta" - most of the game he was President and Admiral and for the second half CAG as well),
  • not a cylon / not a cylon / final five ("Boomer"), 
  • not a cylon / not a cylon ("Tyrol"),
  • shot by Cally cylon / final five (don't remember)
  • not a cylon / final five / not a cylon ("Baltar")
The new expansion is rough.  Fun, but rough.  The cylon fleet is always pushing down on you.

Great weekend was had.  Now, I get to finish my movement (aka "display") board for the Orks for OFCC - and I got a shipment of stuff for my new winter army project - more on that later.

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