Sunday, July 17, 2011

Team Tournament style get together

So, a few of us drove out to Moscow to meet at the clubhouse of da Mamma's Boyz for a little OFCC pre-tournament gaming.  It was only three of us - one of the OFCC team had a scheduling snafu, and had to bail on us.  Since Moscow is east of us, I got the short part of trip..

Game one was against a Tau.

The missions were last year's OFCC missions - this one was the modified planetfall that includes objectives falling from the sky.  Tau had deepstrike issues - mostly ending up delayed and/or allowing me to place units - the only failure he had was an objective.  I had no unit deep striking failures, but did loose one of my objectives.  Wazdakka and one of the units of bikers didn't come on till turn 4 (and when you start rolling for reserves - which is everything - on turn 1.. it's like coming in on turn 5).  Primary mission was objectives (I had 2, he had 1), Secondary was Kill Points (he didn't have much left...), and Tertiary was killing HQ.  10 - 0 win for the Orks.

Off to the Pie-Hole for pizza by the slice.

Game 2:

Was vs. Evan's Marines - The mission was a 3 objective (that required a Troop and something else to claim),   Secondary and Tertiary - I don't remember.  And sorry, spaced the camera for taking pictures.  Evan made fully half of my orks run off the board - when the dice gods say "no"...   lemme give you an example of it - bolters firing at a mob of 4 bikers and their nob - end up scoring 5 wounds.  Failed 5 4+ armour saves.  The nob then caught a lascannon to the head.  Hey - I didn't have to take a break test for that unit - cause, lord knows I would have failed it...  Evan's a great guy, and I had fun playing the game.  10-1 loss for the Orks.

Game 3:

Strange, center objective counting, king of the hill type mission against Magnus' Space Wolf.  All the luck I burned in my game 2, came back and smacked Magnus around.  He couldn't hit with the special things, he couldn't make armour saves with the special things (I'm talking wolf banners, melta guns, wolf guard, mark of the wulfen, rune priests...)  Here's a picture from about Turn 2.  Those Wolf Guard termies - they ran off the board.  Those bikers in the middle there - with some help of the 'Ard Boy squad and another biker squad managed to survive till the end - beating down 3 units of grey hunters, the wolf guard, and a wolf lord...

So, in three games - my Mek with Shokk Attack Gun manages to stun 1 rhino, and kill 1 Marine and 1 Biker boy.  Game 1 it was completly useless - never getting close to hitting anything.  Game 2, the only time it hit was when it was a low strength hit against a land raider, and Game 3 the deviation actually left the unit I was aiming at, to hit the unit behind them...  Poor showing for him.

The "tri-cities" team beat da mammas boyz reasonably soundly, and a fun time was had by all.

We then piled back into Dave's car, grabbed some food, and drove home.

All and all, a fun day.

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