Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painting Nurgle in 15 easy steps! (Part 2)

In last episode....

Right - Part 6 - Copper on the metal bits (and something I should have done differently).  The color tone turned out to be a little too close to the leather of the boots.  You'll see it on the completed pictures later on.

Step 7 - Black on everything that doesn't have paint on it already.   This is more of a "rotten fabric" thing - filling in the things that weren't other colors.

Step 8 - Reds for body parts, tongues, and a wolf grey for the hair bits.

After this is was clean up of the paint and the the almighty dip.  I use MinWax Waterbased stain.  I'm still working on getting the new color line right (they changed lines on me).  This was American Walnut - which was too red for what I wanted really...  Oh well, moving on.

Step 9 - Post Dip.

I let them sit overnight to finish drying.  All done in about an hour (except for the dipping) in one night.  The dipping was done the next day - something about that's when the time was available.  On to part 3...

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