Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painting Nurgle in 15 easy steps! (Part 3)

Step 10 - This was the easy and clean up steps.  Basing and sealing basically.  So, first up, paint the base black.  I was cheating and using a mixed tone ballast - so I needed a black base.  Were I painting the ballast, I would have painted the base after the glued ballast went down.

Step 11 - ballast.  Watered down white (PVA) glue, ballast, let dry, and then further watered down white glue to seal.

Step 12 - Flock.  Using the slightly thicker white glue mix, the models got random spots of flock and then static grass.  It was kinda weird - it altered the color tone a little on the skin tone.  A little hard to see in the picture, but it was noticeable when I did it.

Step 13 - Blood bowl numbering.  I've started numbering both the front and the back of the bases for my blood bowl teams.  It makes easier for everyone playing to know which guy is which.  Since my base rings are black, they get a small white spot.

After that, it was on to Step 14 - The spray sealer.  Some people  say this step is not needed - after all you did just dunk your mini in a liquid designed to protect your deck from hail storms... but I find it's nice to get an even color tone (even some color shifting), as well as protecting all the other stuff you'd done to the model since the dip.

You may notice something missing - the numbers.  The spray sealer will make the Sharpie ink run - don't ask me how I found that out... my Slayer's still don't look right.  Up to this point, I'm out something like 30 minutes of paint work for the black, the glue, the second coat of glue, and the white - it took longer because I was waiting for glue to dry.

Step 15 - The Numbering.  I kept the numbers the same from when I started (something about playing with the army before even priming.  It's a habit I've done with Blood Bowl teams, the "specialists" are always the low numbers and the "linemen" are always the upper numbers.  I don't know why... maybe it's just ADD kicking in...

So, total paint "work" time is roughly 3-4 hours or so.  All of it done during the evenings.  Start to finish was closer to 6 days of time..  It was enough though.  Our BB Commish was going to give me crap (again) for not having a painted team when I started my games on Sunday and I got to give him the blank "what do you mean?" stare as I pulled them out of the case all done.

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