Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clean(er) slate...

So last night, I spent about an hour and a half cleaning off the painting/building desk.  Tools got put away, bitz got put in their respective bitz containers, paint got sorted - everything got cleaned.  Clean slate.

Up on the paint deck is an Orc Bloodbowl team for ebay, and my Nurgle team for the local league.

Up on the building deck is my new army (more on that later - I promise), and the last of the Orks to bring it to 2500 points (three killa kans on warbuggy "legs"). 

Right so new army.  20 model Grey Knight list (I know, I know... I've heard it, move on).
  • OM Inquisitor with 3 Servo-Skulls (cause they're cheaper if wielded by an Inq. vs. the Grand Master)
  • Grand Master with Storm Bolter and M/C Force Sword, Digital Weapons, Psybolt Ammo, Pychotroke and Rad Grenades, and a single Servo-Skull
  • 3 Units of 5 Termiantors with Psybolt Ammo, Banner, 1 Hammer, 1 Falchion with Psycannon, 1 Sword, led by a Justicar with Falchions
  • 3 Dread-Knights with Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Greatsword, and a Personal Teleporter (aka - 300 poitns of goodness and light).
There's discussion for a "themed" team tourney  to replace the GM and Inquisitor with Mordrak and one Ghost Knight... I'd be 15 points short of the 2000 - so I'd probably end up master-crafting the Justicar's weapons to make up the points.  Pictures in progress should start showing up here this month (now that the summer of "no free time" is done).

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