Monday, September 12, 2011

2 More games of Nurgle BloodBowl down...

Seven to go for this season.  No pictures today - the team isn't done yet anyway... it's primed though.  :)

Game 4 was vs. some Chaos Dwarf (Dwarves?)...  A Chaos Dwarf Team.  3-0 shutout, and I out casualtied him 2-1... adding insult to injury, my one received casualty was regenerated.

Game 5 was vs. Humans. 2-0 win, 3-1 casualty spread (again, regeneration kicked in)... the crowd however was brutal.  I pushed a catcher into the crowd (hey, he had the ball and would have scored next turn).  They broke his ankle.

So, after 5 games - I'm 4-0-1, team rating is 1,340,000.  My beast has Guard, a Nurgle Warrior has Block, all of my Bestigor's have Foul Appearance, and a Rotter has Kick.  The team consists of 1 beast, 3 Warriors, 3 Bestigors, and 8 Rotters.  I haven't made a new Rotter yet... but I have had an opponent have a player miss the next game on all my games...

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