Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday night 40k

Corey brought out the Mordians on my request. They've been in the
closet so long the black is a lovely shade of dust.



  1. How'd the Mordians handle the new codex and 5th ed? What did they face?

  2. Well...they lost. I had nothing, he had 3 plague marines and 3 "lesser demons."

    Mordians did okay, but I took a very non-traditional list (for my Mordians): all Vets. 4 shooty squads (3 specials, hvy, 2 squads with PF sgts. 2 "armored fist: squads (meltas, PF sgts).

    Made a huge mistake and took a wound on my standard. Then 3 squads and my command HQ ran off the board.

  3. To be fair, there also was the "I've got 4 versions of rules rattling around in my head with an army I've played all of twice in the last year" cheating... (doing FNP wrong).

  4. No, no being fair. You're a cheater. ;-)