Sunday, December 9, 2012

BloodBowl - Winter Season, Day 1

So, as I walked into the gaming store this morning, the league commissioner informed that there was "a target on my back."  It seems several people wanted to get their games in with be "before I got a chance to level up my team."  'Cause, you know, playing Khemri is just a power build...  :)

I offered to roll up with him first round, so that everyone else would get grumpy that they didn't get to "beat on me first."  Unfortunately, he had grabbed the wrong BB case that morning, and had to run back home to get it.  Knowing that it might take him a good half hour - I choose to challenge the person I saw next.

This picture is from the setup of the pasting I gave the Dark Elf team on Game 1.  One would assume, that he saw how well I did with my DE and decided it was easy.  Now, to be fair, the first die roll of the game for him was a "one", followed by a burned re-roll and another "one"... and it went down hill from there.

I was able to shut him out 3-0 (yes, with a Khemri team), only put one guy of his out for the next game, and walked away with 60k in winnings (no advancements).

Game 2 was against a 6 saurus/6 skink Lizardman team.  This one I had to work a little more to keep in the win column.  It was still a 2-0 win - but I had lots of guys in my "Knocked Out" part of the dugout.  I just couldn't get my hands on the Skinks... even throwning 3 die blocks, I was getting effectively 3 pushes.  He would get saurus' on me, get me down and then bring a skink over to curb stomp me.  Let's just say the ref was busy with the red cards for both teams though (I think I had 4 skeletons kicked out).  Ended up winning 60k and Fan Factor went up again.  I used the winnings to buy the last Tomb Guardian and banked the 30k.

After a quick lunch I dragged the Human player back in for one more game of the day.  This one went better for me - which, sounds kind of conceited as I did win the other two with no real downside...

This game ended at a 2-1, he only had 1 player who was going to miss the next game (3 that were out through injuries).  I only picked up 20k in winnings (even after the re-roll for winning), FAME did go up and I picked up a Skeleton leaving 10k in the bank.

So, after 3 games - I've got 4 Tomb Guardians (one with Mighty Blow), 2 Blitz-Ras, 2 Throw-Ras (one with Leader and one with Kick-Off Return) and 7 Skeletons (two have been MVP, so this close to leveling).  Team Value is 1,220,000gp.  I think after next game I'm going to pick up 1 Coach and 1 Cheerleader - I had a lot of Cheering Fans / Brilliant Coaching today - I didn't have the FAME for any of my games.

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