Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tournament Day thoughts (and pictures) - long....

Getting past my last week and actually getting to the tournament... was some work.

Anyway, picture of the army is in the post below - that was shot about 20 minutes before game 1.

Game 1 was a slightly modified "The Scouring" using "Hammer and Anvil" (the modification was everyone had  3 objectives, worth 3, 2, and 2 points).  I played against a Space Wolf player (slightly top-heavy, but it was what he had painted - it was Njal, Canus, a Wolf Lord on thunderwolf, 3 thunderwolf cav, 2 units of Grey Hunters - one on foot and one in a drop pod).

To say my dice were on fire, would be an understatement.  I was consistently making my Feel No Pain rolls.  I Denied the Witch against Njal 3 times in a row.....  oh, and I actually got a Warlord Trait that was beneficial.   I rolled "Conqueror of Cities" (Move Through Cover in ruins)... and we were playing on a board full of ruins.  His dice were less so.  Njal took his first wound while casting a spell (the second one I Denied), and his second wound was to a Hammer of Wrath hit.

Here's some pictures from that game.

I sent these pictures to a friend, who wanted to then see a close-up of the drop pod.  So, here they are.

The idea is that the Orks *think* they're Blood Angels, so - they found a... previously loved... drop pod (with low miles) and use it for the Proffet of Aporkalypse (Furioso Librarian).

Game 2 was vs. a mixed Vostroyan (Iron Hand Strakken and command HQ, Platoon Command and three 10-man guard squads with a commissar, demolisher, leman russ MBT, and a Penal Legion squad) allied with Blood Angels (Mephiston and a 10 man tactical squad).  The game turned when I stole the initiative from him.  Game was "Purge the Alien" on a "Dawn of War" setup.  I swept left and then rolled up his line.  At the end of Turn 6, he had Mephiston with one wound left.  Astorath's warlord trait was "Immovable Object" - so, a useless trait...  still a second win for me.

Game 3 was vs. a Necron Air Force list.  My warlord trait was "Dust of a Thousand Worlds" (warlord plus units with 12" get "Move Through Cover").  The game was "Big Guns Never Tire" playing on a "Vanguard Strike" setup.   His list was Imotekh, 8 Immortals, 4 units of 7 warriros in Night Scythes, and 2 Doom Scythes.  Drop pod landed first turn and my guys moved forward - putting pressure on Imotekh and the Immortals.

Second turn, my Libriarian charged into the squad.  I killed 3 Immortals (Imotekh refused the challenge), he passed his leadership test by 1... which meant the game would go on.  All but one of the Doom Scythes came in on the first turn... There was some shooting, some fighting, some crashing and burning of croissants, jump pack guys bouncing around, warriors teleporting in, shooting and then dying...

End of the game, I had one objective, contested 2, had wiped out both of his heavy support choices, killed Imotehk, and was sitting in his deployment zone.  Here's a picture mid game and then my dread doing a dance on the dead pile of Immortals.

End of the day, I was the only one of 10 players to be 3-0, but was second in battle points.  They guy who was highest in battle points was the players choice/best painted, and then they did a drawing for 4 more prizes (so, 6 of the 10 people walked away with winnings...).

All and all, a good way to spend the day.

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