Monday, November 5, 2012

Random pictures from this weekend...

Got two games in this weekend with my Descent of Orks list.

Game 1 on Sunday - Vs. Dave's Dante led Sanguinary Guard army.  We played The Relic.  The game ended on Turn 6 with his Storm Raven chasing and killing my assault squad with a Sang. Priest and Astorath joined to it.

Turn 1 of Game 2.  IG with SW allies.  This was a Purge the Alien.  It ended with one of his Vendettas (of the two he had) running away from a full assault squad.  (9 to 5 point win).

I then went home and was able to put close to the final touches on the Khemri team.  Spray sealed (pictured below), and then flocked them.  So, that just leaves the numbering to do and they're done.

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