Sunday, February 21, 2010

BloodBowl Tournament results...

Right.  Updates.  First up the BloodBowl tournament.  Now, basically - this was just a 3 game campaign day. 

Game #1 was against a slightly higher team value Amazon team.  Lot's of completions, 2 touchdowns, and some bashings (those Blodging Amazon's hurt) later.  I walk away with a 2-1 victory.  Highlights include him learning that AG4 + Dump Off is mean, and that I can intercept on a 5+.  Picture:


Game #2 was against my Ogre nemesis.  *Lot's* of casualties (snots - they don't really count), I did get a casualty via the Assassin's "Stab" against the Ogre (no long term damage, but it did make it so he only had 5 Ogre's for the game).  2-2 tie - I got cocky and didn't leave a defensive position, so when he tossed the snotlign down, deviated well, and then ran down to the near the end zone, I couldn't get someone there fast enough to stop him.  The other Ogre TD was a straight one turn 'dice-god approved' move.

Game #3 was against the #1 seed for the league.  I went in 90k down in TV.  I kicked, got a Blitz, and caught the ball with enough guys down field that I was able to score on my turn 1.  It went down hill from there for him.  I was just running circles around him and I got in his head with the combo of "Leap", "Jump Up", "Dump Off", and AG4 (or better).  At one point, he choose not to blitz the ball carrier because he was just sure that I would dump off the ball to the guy 3 squares forward who was in the end zone.

By the middle of the second half, I was up 3-0 - but only had 5 players on the pitch.  He was able get a TD in, but that gave me the chance to bring 4 more KO'd players back in... which brought a Witch back in.  He kicked too wide and I got a touch back, gave the ball to the Witch who Leaped out of a tackle zone, blitzed the back line defense - got a push then and knocked down.  From there, he wasn't able to get someone close enough to do anything other than put a tacklezone on me.  Leap out and TD.  It was a brutal game.  He put 6 players into the "Dead & Injured" box - luckily, the worst result (thank you Apothecary) was a "Miss Next Game."


All and all, it was a fun day.  :)

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  1. That last one sounds a lot like our virtual game the other night. Must be nice to see painted teams on the pitch.