Sunday, February 7, 2010

3 Games of Fun!

(and no exploding firearms this weekend).  :)

Right, so a little bit of modern art.  This first piece I like to call "Crowd plus Bonehead."


Kick-off for the start of the second half.  I had +2 FAME.  Rolled a 12 on the kick-off table.  None of my guys hit the dirt, 3 of his ogres and 2 of his snots are admiring the grass - up close and personal like.  He goes to move, and boneheads the remaining two Ogres on the line. The 6th (and standing) Ogre is able to pick up the ball in the back field.  On my turn all of my guys (except the one I wanted to keep in the backfield) walked through his line without having to dodge.

The turn after this picture was taken, those two standing Ogre's had managed to catch up with my stragglers, but I managed to put an Elf in each of the (now Boneheaded) Ogre in the backfield (you know, holding the ball).  He then attempted to blitz out (on a single die block), rolled a both down against a Lineman with Block.  Ball pops out, falls in the hands of one of the Witch Elves, who then saunters in for a TD.

That was my last game of the day.  The first was against an Undead team (went 1-1... neither of us could roll worth a crap).  And I got a game of 40k in - my Undead Eldar v. a mech Plague Marine list.  Out of a 5 Objective mission (1500 points), I had control of 1, and two were contested.  The other ones were hanging out in the wind.

Goals for the next fortnight, before the Bloodbowl tournament on the 20th.  Finish painting the Ratlings.  Built and prime the unit of Ogryns, and build the Infantry Platoon.  Pictures to follow.  If you talk to me online, bug me about it once or twice.


  1. Ratlings? Infantry platoon? Madness!

  2. So what happened to the heresy terminator army? Is this the traitor gaurd your back toworking on?

  3. Traitor Guard = Kubla (May)
    Heresy Terminators = OFCC (August)

    Terminators are also a "Trent don't go crazy - build something else". I'm hoping to have them built and off to you before Kubla though.