Sunday, January 31, 2010

My January (aka, this is my *boom* stick)

Right, so the gaming.modeling was less than stellar this month.  Egh, to everything thing there is a season.  Anywho - The wife finished up the Dark Elf BB team this week.  I've just now got to finish the bases.  Here's a shot of one of the Witch Elves:

So, that will be done this week - based and shiny.  I'll get a picture of the full team up after that.  Other exciting happenings game wise - played a 3 person Dungeon Bowl game.... with snotlings.  Three teams of snots in the dungeon with no re-rolls... it was fun.  :)

Now, as to the aka from the title...  I started going every once in a while to the gun club (shotgun).  This morning I was starting a round (of 25 shots) - three in and the gun of the guy next to me essssploded.  Kicked the bolt out to the right (away from everyone) and pealed the barrel like a grape.  It blew a hole in the guys hat brim, knocked a lens out of his safety glasses, shredded the gloved trigger finger, and threw a piece of shrapnel about 25 feet straight back (and put a small hole in a guys jacket).  I got a picture of the gun...

So, that was exciting.


  1. Egads, that's a little too much excitement for my likes. Aside from the finger, is everyone alright?

  2. OMFG! Did Darby forbid you from going anymore? That's scary.

  3. Why? It's more dangerous to try and cross the street... in a school zone... with crossing guards. :)

  4. Besides, Trent wasn't in any danger. He had (taking a wild guess here) a beer-bellied meat shield between him and the shrapnel powered by said beer-bellied-moron's overcharged round.

  5. Note to self:
    Get safety glasses with reinforces frame.
    Wear kevlar to range.