Wednesday, February 24, 2010

End of two weeks... what have I done?

Well, let's see.  I've got most of the Platoon buillt.  I'm waiting to find some more meltaguns.  Ogryn's are built, but not primed... and Ratlings haven't had a lick of paint applied to them. 

But - I did get a custom Dwarf team finished up to go on eBay (probably tomorrow), as well as a High Elf team for a commission.  I also got a ghetto light box built for pictures. 

First up, an Ogryn:

Next, the coach for the Dwarf BB Team.

For the next two week period - I need to finish the things I said I was supposed to get done, done.  As well as building the Priest and the Psyker Battle Squad and getting them primed.

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