Thursday, March 4, 2010

No pictures today, just an update.

Well, I got the Ogryn's primed as well as the Psyker Battle squad done.  That leaves finishing up the ratlings and the weapons on the custom priest.  I've had to put a hold on the Infantry Platoon while I acquire more meltaguns. 

The wife's offered to help paint the army (have I mentioned I love my wife lately?).  I still need to get a few more things (namely a hellhound kit and the chimara and aegis defence lines to make my hydras.  That's where the tax refund comes in.  :)

I've got a tournament in Post Falls, ID coming up this weekend.  It means a 6am meet-up time in tri-cities (so, I leave here around 4:30am on Saturday), and then a 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive (carpooling).  Three games with my Eldar at 2000pts, and then the drive back.  There are advantages to playing an army you've had for almost 10 years - I don't have to do a lot of thinking with the game (that, and I usually like to turn my brain off for those gaming times... )

Anyway, I'll try and get some pictures up this weekend of the tourney.  I should be able to finish the Priest tomorrow - that will just leave the ratlings to get done by end of day on Sunday to be on (modified) track.


  1. Pictures. Piiiiictures. Pict. Ures.

    Good luck this weekend! So is the IG army for you, or are you building it for someone else?

  2. I love your wife, too... and you... I guess. No. I do. Yeah. I do!

  3. The IG army is for the "Macherian Heresy" event at Kubla. Basically Corey, Manny and I set out to build a 2000 point guard army - and then design a... ummm... strange...? odd...? ummm... event. Yeah, event. That'll work.... an event around it.