Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Better pictures...

Liberated a camera from work last weekend.  This is what the pictures should look like using the lightbox.  :)

I need to get more pictures done - I've got to get pictures of other stuff that's done.  The Primarus Psyker, Priest, and Ogryns are all done.  Two of the Penal Legion squads are built and primed (one of which is on it's way to being done already).  I'm still trying to find bitz for the Infantry Platoon.  After the Penal Legions, that's going to leave the tanks and the Rough Riders to build.


  1. Let me know what kind of bits you need, I have a ton left over from the Pact. Pictures are much sharper and show off the nice shading from the dip.

  2. The middle picture totally looks like what would happen if Fred Flinstone went badass.

  3. let me know about bits as well. i have a ton of flaggellents and marauders as well as some other things lurking in the depths of my bitz.