Saturday, March 27, 2010

More pictures

First up, a Penal Legion Trooper.

Next up, one Ogryn

Then we have the Priest

Then finally - the Primaris Psyker

Here in about 30 minutes, the final of the Penal Legions will be built.  I've solved the bitz issue for the Infantry Platoon.  Those should be done here real soon like.  Vehicles had a slight shipping delay...


  1. The primaris psyker is frakkin sveeet.

  2. Holy carp, that primaris psyker's skin is amazing. It really pops next to the dead-head codpiece. Creepy even.

  3. I wish we could claim the paint job on the psyker. I got it partially painted, and did a little touch up and then dip. :)