Sunday, March 7, 2010

Distance tournament report.

Saturday involved me getting up at 4am, and leaving at 4:30 to meet up at the game store in Tri-Cities by 6am.  We then all piled into the man-van and drove up to Post Falls, ID for a 10am start time at Gamer's Haven's Grand Re-Opening day.  First up is some pictures of the *BEAUTIFUL* tables and space.





So.  I didn't take any pictures of game 1 - and it wasn't intentional - I just wasn't quite awake.  The game was good against a SM player coming back after a few years off.  It was a Shrike led, infiltrating, drop podding, veteran list.  To say my dice checked out would be an understatement.  I lost the Avatar to 4 bolter rounds.  It was a fun game, loosing 7-6 on kill points using the Adepticon missions from 2009.  Turned it into a 47-3 loss.  

Game 2 was an Ork player, mission #2 from Adepticon.  That one was the random mission on turn 4, that was a 1-0 loss with lots of death on both sides.

 Game 3 was against a beautifully painted (mostly done) Salamander's list.  Here's the setup.

This one ended up being a slaughter fest.  The wraithguard unit on the left wiped out that flank, the wraithguard on the right speed-bumped Vulcan and the marines coming out of the land raider long enough for the elite wraithguard to take out the raider, take the charge and then die quickly enough that the Dark Reapers could finish wiping them out.  Not pictured was the Sternguard squad that landed about 3 inches to the right of the warwalkers.  The Sternguard squad ended up taking out the warwalkers, the d-cannons, and one of the dark reapers before the game ended on turn 7.  The sgt. was the only marine still on the board.

MVP of this game was defiantly the Dark Reapers


The Avatar went on a rampage, then failed the difficult terrain test needed to charge into the scouts hiding in the forest... then they shot it dead.  :)
Results, some shopping, some dinner then the drive back to Tri-Cities.  We arrived there a little before midnight and then I drove home.  

It was a fun day, but I'm still very tired.  Would I do it again?  Hell yes.  I can't wait till the next one we do.


  1. How is the tournament scene with strangers? I got so used to southern Oregon that I'm intimidated to try one cold.

  2. It was good. I had 3 honestly good games against 3 good players. They were #2 and #3 for Sportsmanship for the day (I was a paltry #4). I think it may have helped that I was going in with other people (so, at least there was someone there I knew), and I knew the store owner.