Friday, April 2, 2010

...and miles to go before I sleep.

Right.  No pictures on this one - sorry.  Here's where I sit with 6 weeks left before Kublacon.

Events I'm planning on participating in and where I sit for the things.

Bloodbowl Championship Series - I'm halfway through the redo of the pitches.  I've gone with 40mm square "super-sized" pitches.  Team is painted, sealed, and good to go.

Civil War in Hawkshold - Still need to figure out which army I'm going to bring.  Since it's Battleground... cake.

Zombie Bash! - Rezolution.  My crew's not painted... and honestly, I'm not worried about it.  I only get to play this game at Kubla...

Macharian Heresy - This would be what the Guard Army is for.  The army is all built except for 3 of the tanks (waiting for the kits) and the rough riders (about half built).  About half of the army is fully painted (thanks to the wife) - the HQ is done.  Elites are done.  Troops are just shy of half done.  Infantry Platoon is base coated, 2 of the Penal Legions are done, 1 is about an hour from done, and the 4th is primed.  Fast Attack is the Rough Riders, and Heavy Support is the Demolisher and 2 Hydras.  Demolisher is done, Hydra's haven't even started.

I'll get some more pictures up this weekend (or, will try at least - no guarantee's... the wife may pop at any moment.  :)

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