Sunday, April 11, 2010

First game in...

and it was good.

Got a 1750 game in (basically what I had "done" today vs. a Grots of Battle (Sisters of Battle) army.  We played the "Prepared Assault"mission from the new "Battle Missions" book.   Great fun was had by all.  Not a lot left on the board when done - on either side.

I really need to get a better handle on the synergy of the army.  Stacking the Psyker Battle Squad better with the Ratlings - that type of thing.  I'll get it.

Right, onto pictures!

One special weapons squad.  They died - they did kill the Callidus before being cut down by heavy bolters.

One Ogyrn with Ripper Gun.  They did a little parody of a three-year old playing soccer, before contributing their mass to wiping out the last two Sisters sitting on an objective to bring the tie back (at that point - I had no Troops left).

One of the 4 Penal Legion Squads.  Two of them had the assault 2 lasguns, and the other 2 were Psychopaths.  The mission didn't allow Reserves - so I didn't get to outflank with them... Most of the 40 died to heavy flamer... one squad did whither his combined Infantry Squad down to 1 guy before the last remaining squad came in to clean up.  That squad then caught fire on the next turn.  All of them.

Primarus Psyker.  Got swept up with the Ogyrns, and then the "remaining squad" (see above) before dying.  Did some fun stuff.  But need to get a better grasp on his use.

The (not pictured) Leman Russ Demolisher distracted my opponent for a few turns before catching a meltagun up close and personal like.   It had a lovely shot with the Demolisher Cannon and one Plasma Cannon - putting 12 wounds on to a 10-"man" squad.  He rolled a "10" for the act of faith to make his Power Armor save Inv.  Only 2 died.  Grrrr....

With the eminent birth of the second spaw.... errr, child. I'm not sure if I'm going to get another game in with this army before Kubla.  Oh well, learn by doing.  :)


  1. I will see what I can do Honey...Maybe I can hold on for another week or so and you can get another game in...If you are lucky that is :)

  2. Aisling, you were already planning on doing that to wait for your doc to get back from vacation! Who, exactly, do you think you are fooling? :)

    The army looks good in action. Are special weapon squads worth it? I think heavy weapon squads are, though I know many people don't.

    A good synergy is Weaken Resolve on a unit set up for some shooting and then Nightshroud with the Primaris after he joins the unit your opponent would really like to shoot up.

    I've mainly found my synergy between the mobile and the static elements of my force. Against an aggressive force, leave a chimera in reserve to plug the hole that will be punched in your line. Set up a checkerboard like spacing of foot units so you can drive mobile units through the gaps and advance/withdraw or shift to lend support where it's needed.